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Personal: DJ heading on vacation

November 22nd, 2002

I decided to go out “on the town” last night – first time in ages. Headed into town and first popped into McDonalds for a quick snack: a Big Mac meal with coke with a free Big Mac (as I’ve recently received my McDonald’s Advantage Card).

I then headed down to the pub and go there around 6.20pm. Had my usual drink (double whiskies and cokes btw 😉 ) and started chatting to the folks there. Turns out it’s the main DJ’s (Cassie) last night there for a week – she’s heading off on holiday to Gloucester (I think she said). There was quite some cheesy pop being played (practically all the “early Kylie” songs such as the Locomotion – the “sad” thing is, I’ve got all of them on audio and video!). She also played Shania Twain‘s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” which reminded me of when I used to work with my ex-fiancee (as it was being played on Liquid News on the BBC News 24 Breakfast slot when we started to date).
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Blog: Checking TrackBacks

November 22nd, 2002

A little nonsense entry here as fellow ODP editor ciaran texted/SMSed me to ask me to test the new TrackBack facility on his journal. So, I’ve added the appropriate URL in my “URLs to Ping” and now I’ve just got to publish this entry and see if it “takes”.

A funny thing’s been happening though, ZoneAlarm Pro (which I run as a secondary firewall/ad-blocker) seems to have decided that some of the images in my blog are, in fact, adverts – and therefore it’s been suppressing them. It played with my mind for a while as I tried to figure out “Well, the image code’s in the blog entry – so why isn’t it showing up when the page is generated”. I may have to look into why ZoneAlarm has suddenly decided to treat the images as ads… Odd…

Game: Peeball

November 22nd, 2002

[A Peeball]Peeball is something you can buy (for £1, 30p goes to the Prostate Cancer charity), put in the urinals (sorry girls, it’s a “man thing” only!) and see how quickly you can dissolve it. They’ve also got a little flash game where you control the Peeball in a urinal and you’ve got to try and make it “jump” objects (such as chewing gum etc) that come down the urinal. Of course, you control it via urinating (no, you don’t actually “see” it) – but you’ve got to keep your “reserves” topped up by drinking beer. I’ve only managed to score 1,240 so far…

Blogging: Changes to my blog

November 22nd, 2002

Some of you may have noticed slight changes to my blog. Basically, I’ve added a web cam view. The camera is pointing outside my window towards the street and it does quite good images at night. Ok, the view isn’t exactly, erm, interesting – but it adds a little something else. I have got an additional camera which I’m thinking about placing inside the house (ideally pointing towards my computer), but the number of times I’m at my computer “au natural” puts me off the idea. Oh – and the camera should update every 2 minutes. It won’t, however, update if I’ve had to “cut” my internet connection for any reason (basically the computer acts as a router to the internet for the camera – hence if the computer is offline, the camera is). Since I’ve got ADSL broadband and my computer tends to be on 24/7- you should get frequent updates of the exciting view: or, at least, an idea of the weather 🙂

Why 2 minute updates? Well, I could make it upload the image more often, but I felt that it’ll just be consuming too much bandwidth (on my connection and on the server that hosts my blog) for something that isn’t important. I could also have set it up so you could practically view “live images” via my PC, but whilst I did apply the necessary firewalls and configuration changes to do so, I have blocked them for taking affect. Call me paranoid if you want…

Other Leicester web cams that may interest you are the one on Epic House (home of BBC Radio Leicester) in the City Centre, a traffic cam view of the nearest roundabout/flyover to me at Red Hill Way (more “jamcams” are available via the BBC), one in Lutterworth, and several from De Montfort University (Queens building, James Went building). Hmm, I may have to consider making an appropriate category at ODP if I find any more…

And the other changes? I’ve decided to stop the Monthly blog updates – basically because November’s monthly log was getting ridiculous already (I seem to blog quite a bit 🙂 ): the archives are now weekly. Oh, and due to Wobble and Bob and a forthcoming Harry Potter review (it is coming soon – I promise), I’ve created a TV and Movies category.

I am planning on actually designing my blog correctly as some point (a the moment it justs uses a slightly tweaked version of the Movable Type style Georgia Blue.

TV: Wobble and Bob

November 22nd, 2002

[Weeble from Weeble+Bob]Wow! It seems Weeble and Bob (that I blogged about on the 16th) have made it to the “small screen”! Yep, MTV:UK are showing it as 5 minute shows late at night as Wobble and Bob! Why the name change? Because Hasbro own the trademark to the name “Weeble(s)” (an “egg-shaped” toy that rocks back and forth, just like a certain cartoon character that’s now on TV).

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