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Personal: Congrats Sis!

November 27th, 2002

[Torn L plate]Congratulations to my sister on passing her practical driving test yesterday! Woo! Well done sis!

Now I’ve just got to get round to applying for a new license (my license was in my wallet when it got stolen a couple of months back), then have a brief “refresher” on the road and then get around to taking my test… I can drive a car all right – just not legally on my own yet 🙂

I also found out yesterday that a good friend’s father passed away last week. My condolences to you – and, yep, I will send you that e-mail as I promised…

News: 2DTV’s George Bush advert

November 27th, 2002

[George Bush putting a video in a toaster]I laughed as soon as I came across this article on BBC News about the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) ruling that new adverts for the ITV’s satire show 2DTV video were “offensive because they questioned President George W. Bush’s intelligence, and without having asked his permission”.

Do you really have to ask someone’s permission to insult their intelligence?

Yeah, yeah – I know that isn’t quite what they said, but Dubya does seem to be acquiring a reputation of not appearing too intelligent. And a satire/parody/caricature show is all about “enlarging” certain factors of a person’s personality/looks to make them larger than life. In the word’s of Slashdot – “It’s funny, Laugh”! Plus, if the BACC really think that people belive that is the “real” George Bush putting a video into a toaster – doesn’t that mean that they are insulting the intelligence of the viewing public themselves?

Anyway, 2DTV is back on TV and is being broadcast tonight for half-an-hour at 10.30pm…

Techy: Microsoft’s losing me….

November 27th, 2002

[Ellen Feiss]It seems “big bad” Microsoft is going to be losing me as a customer shortly. Whilst I’ve never been a great fan of theirs (I was sort of “forced” onto Microsoft platforms after the near collapse of RISC OS), I have used their systems as a primary desktop system for a few years now – however I try and run my servers on Linux as I don’t feel that Microsoft’s server platforms are stable enough yet-plus it works out a lot more cost-effective to have servers running something like Debian Linux than a single copy of Windows 2000 Server).

So far, Microsoft’s put me off them on the Instant Messenger and Web browser fronts, and I’m just hoping for a bit of time so I can clear down one of the harddrives in my main work machine and install Linux: ditching MS altogether…
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