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Life: Saturday Night Partying

December 2nd, 2002

[Weird Al in Zanzibar]I went out “on the town” again on Saturday night. Unlike Monday, I didn’t get k-lined/drunk but I still had a reasonable night out for not much cash.

As I had an £7.50 drinks voucher for Zanzibar, I decided to go there. I called a local taxi firm (as I knew the chances of me catching a bus into town that late were nil to non-existent) and got into Leicester city around 9.45pm. Paid the taxi driver (£6 – although the fare was only £5), grabbed some cash from the nearest cash point and wandered down Churchgate, up Mansfield Street and down Sandacre Street to Zanzibar (little local historical fact for you, the site on Gravel Street/Sandacre Street where Zanzibar is used to be a bus station – even though St. Margaret’s bus station is just opposite – and then it turned into a rollerdrome during the day and Zanzibar nightclub at night: now it’s just the night club) and I went in.
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Fun: I Used To Believe

December 2nd, 2002

[I Used To Believe that Scully and Mulder were real]I used to believe is a collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children; some of them are funny, some of them are bizarre, but they’re all true”. Yep, someone has started a collection of all those things you used to believe when you were a little nipper! When I discovered this site, I spent a very pleasant afternoon giggling at what other people used to believe and then going nearly into shock when I realised “I used to believe that as well!”. I have made a contribution to the site, but some of the things I did used to believe in are quite embarrassing. I still believe in true love (hopefully!), that the world is round, and that the Moon is made of cheese (I saw it on “Wallace and Gromit” so it must be true!).

What about you? What did you used to/still believe?
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Blog: It’s Stats time

December 2nd, 2002

[Graph showing daily blog stats]Wooh! On Saturday night, as I was getting ready to go out (more on that, maybe, later) I thought it’ll be an ideal time to consider looking at my blog stats and see what observations could be made. As per, what seems to now be usual, Neil did his whilst I was still in the bath! Curse him. Then I thought I’d leave it until the 6th of December (as it’ll then have been a month since I started my blog), but I realised today/yesterday (Sunday) that my blog logs were analysed on a monthly basis. Rather that p– about either generating odd-timed log statistics or get out the old fingers’n’thumbs: I now present my first month of stats (with some of the text nicely plagiarised from Neil)! Woo!

During November I had a total of 12,658 hits, or 1,838 visits – that averages out at 666 hits/96 visits per day. This month has seen 121Mb of traffic to the 89 entries and 16 comments.

The following stats do not include articles/entries when they are displayed on the front page: The most popular article by far was the “Pick On George Bush!” page, with 334 hits. That page alone generated 2.1Mb of traffic. The second most popular was the about “The Mystery Of Time And Space Game” (complete with walk-through solution) with 257 hits (4.1Mb of traffic). “Nigerian Jerry Duruibe: Day 1“, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 were the third, fourth, fifth and sixth most popular respectively (producing 467 hits/6.1Mb traffic).

Google provided the bulk of my referrals (441 of them), with 127 hits from Xanga (but I don’t yet know why), 123 coming from the previously mentioned Q4Music thread (where a copy of the George Bush photo had been ‘leeched’ from my server), 115 from Slashdot. Neil helped lead 25 wandering minstrels this way, whilst “Is My Blog Hot Or Not?” provided 12 links.

115 people came searching for “george bush binoculars” or similar, whilst 96 lost people were seeking the “mystery of time and space walkthrough“. However, I’m puzzled how people found my site via search words such as “who want to be a millionare download”, “alicia silverstone outlook stationary” and “ps2 backups tutorials” as, until now, those particular words don’t appear in my blog.

The scary thing is, I had 31 hits from the US Government and 21 from the US military *gulp*. Windows users accounted for the majority of the requests (316 pages), whilst UNIX/Linux users only accounted for 32 pages (Macs were next with 22 pages).

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