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Game: Hold The Button

December 10th, 2002

[Push Button]Continuing the button theme from yesterday, here a little basic Flash game you can play. It’s called simply “Hold The Button“, and you aren’t going to be able to guess what you have to do.

Ok – I’ll tell you: You’ve just got to Hold The Button (don’t faint – it wasn’t that difficult to guess)!. Yep, how long can you keep your finger on the mouse pressing a poor defenceless little button? I managed 2hr 45mins before I needed the computer for something else – and even than I only “held the button longer than 50.2% of visitors”. No, I didn’t rest anything of the mouse to cheat like that: I can certainly say that the only thing to touch the mouse or my keyboard during that time was myself. But, then again, I did have better things to do with my time then just sit there pressing a button… I’ll leave you to guess how I managed it 🙂

Fun: Harry Potter And The Naked Quidditch Game

December 10th, 2002

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Ok, ok, I still haven’t got round to doing my review of the film of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets yet (I think I’ll have to watch it yet again to refresh my memory), but in the mean time – he’s a few things about HP that I’ve found on this ‘er internet type thing:

Thanks to Christine’s blog entry, I was laughing for nearly half-an-hour at the Naked Quidditch Match (written by Anya). Basically, it’s a series of emails (or, rather MMails: Magical Mails) sent between residents and non-residents of Hogwarts about an upcoming Quidditch game where the Gryffindor team have to play “in the buff”. Of course, a certain enterprising individual thinks it’ll be a good time to start the Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club and the “Harry Potter Nude 2002 Calendar”…

If you can’t understand some of the terminology (or you are wondering what, exactly, Quidditch is), then you may find the Harry Potter Lexicon handy.

Oh, and before you start thinking “it’s all fiction” – it isn’t. The now grown up Harry Potter was kind enough to give an interview to E! Online last month.

It seems even Jakob Nielsen has got on the Harry Potter bandwagon – his latest Web usability column is entitled “In the Future, We’ll All Be Harry Potter” where he compares things like the Daily Prophet (the magical newspaper with movable pictures in HP) with the Microsoft TabletPC (or, I guess, any other PDA). He also includes the following memorable quote from Arthur C. Clarke‘s book “Report On Planet Three“: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (there’s also a corollary to this ‘law’ which goes “Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced” – from Gregory Benford‘s “Foundation’s Fear“).

It seems the aforementioned Naked Quidditch Match has been made UserFriendly‘s Link Of The Day for today. Let’s just hope the folks over at Gryffindor Tower are ready for the onslaught of visitors!

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