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Weird: Male Genitalia: Part The Deux

December 12th, 2002

[Purple Helmet Warrior]Yep, there’s a continuation from yesterday’s Male Genitalia post. It’s just that Neil‘s comment reminded me of a few songs I had heard concerning it, so may I present:

The Penis Song – by Monty Python
A nice little ditty – imagine Noel Coward performing it whilst playing a piano.


Pet Names For Genitalia – by Tom Green.
This song is often thought to be by one of my favourite artists: Weird Al Yankovic, but it’s not from him! Yes – that’s how I came across the song: I got sent it and was told it was by Al…

Unfortunately, despite listening to quite a bit of Jasper Carrott and searching the net, I’ve found no reference (well, apart from someone remarking to someone else “Did you see Jasper Carrott last night then?”) to the Jasper Carrott recital that Neil mentioned. If anyone can give me a clue (say, for example, a line of lyrics or something) then I can see what I can do.

Women – don’t worry about “missing out” with all the mention of penises – your time will cum. (And there ends today’s course in double innuendos).
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Techy: New Directory Enquiry numbers

December 12th, 2002

[A Phonebook with two phones]As you may have heard on Tuesday, the new replacement UK directory enquiries telephone numbers are now live (since I’m on OFTEL‘s mailing list, I get advanced notice 🙂 ). Basically the 192 and 153 DQ (directory enquiries) numbers are going to be phased out by the end of next year (August 2003 to be precise) to be replaced with numbers starting with “118” provided by third parties and the “incumbents” (such as BT, NTL:, Orange – basically all those provides who currently provide the 192 DQ number service only on their own lines).

One of the interesting things to note, is that according to OFTEL if you have any complaints you “contact ICSTIS, the premium rate services regulator.” Why is that interesting? Well, OFTEL’s saying the new DQ services are premium rate and ICSTIS state: “All UK-based premium rate services must be advertised on ‘090’ dialling codes” (their emphasis). Hmm – me thinks that the two regulators need to communicate a bit better between each other….
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Blog: MT-RefSearch v0.7

December 12th, 2002

[MT-RefSearch]Woo! After several days of work, I’m proud to announce the release of MT-RefSearch v0.7. Inspired and based on the original version by Eliot Landrum, this new version not only recognises Google but also over 240 other search engines. (The “official” homepage of MT-RefSearch is still on Eliot’s site by the way). You can also see Eliot’s announcement of the release.

Basically, MT-RefSearch is a PHP script and Javascript which you can include MovableType powered site, and when people come to your site from one the 243 listed search engines, they will be presented with the most appropriate search results from your site.

Any comments, criticisms, problems, ideas etc – please feel free to comment here and I’ll do my best to assist. I will be adding even more search engines to the ‘scan list’ (I did mention to Eliot I was aiming to get it over the 500 mark, but ‘upgrades’ to the main bulk of the code stopped me getting that far) – so keep checking either my blog or Eliot’s “official” MT-RefSearch site for future updates….
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Fun: Speed Stacking

December 12th, 2002

[Emily Fox]Wow is all I could say when I saw this video. Basically Emily Fox is a 15/16 year old student who can “speed stack” and unstack cups in the format 3-6-3 (3 cups on either side a 6 cup pyramid) in 2.72 seconds and can do a “cycle stack” (of 3-6-3 followed by a 1-10-1 pyramid followed by a 3-6-3 “down stack”) in 7.43 seconds (that’s a world record).

Just look at her hands go! I’ve watched the video and worked out that she touched each of the 12 cups 6 times – that means she was placing a cup every tenth of a second. Ok, she used both hands – but that still means changing cups every one fifth of a second.

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