Games: Mystery of Time And Space: Solution Part I

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[Mystery of Time And Space]It seems there has been an additional level added to the Mystery of Time and Space adventure game that I provided the solution to back in November.

So, for all those people who are coming here looking for either the MOTAS solution, here are some hints and tips (mostly taken off the MOTAS forum) – complete with level walkthroughs/walkthrus – for MOTAS levels 1 to 4. Levels 5 to 8 are now available.

Starting off:

General hints

When you begin your quest you find yourself in a locked bedroom.
The object of the game is to escape from that building as soon as possible. But some of the doors are locked.

Use objects to help you find your way through countless rooms filled with mystery. Use your pointer to click on the screen and carefully read the feedback.

At some points you will get objects you can use. Click on an object from your inventory (top of screen) and then click on the screen to indicate where to use it. The interactive pointer indicates which object you are holding.

Most of the times an area where you could use an item your pointer will change into a hand to indicate interactivity. Walking feet indicate a way you can move to another location and a magnifying glass indicates you can take a closer view.

Hints for Level 1

  • The door is locked, can you see the key?
  • What was irritating my head all night?
  • What should I do with the Girl?

Solution for Level 1

Hints for Level 2

  • When you enter, be right on top of things.
  • Be sharp to get the computer to boot.

Solution for Level 2

Hints for Level 3

  • Sometimes you see things better when it’s dark.
  • Hide your ugly head under the stairs.
  • Make sure it all lines up.

Solution for Level 3

Hints for Level 4

  • Sing out loud: ‘Relight my fire …’
  • I suppose you’ve played jigsaw puzzle as a kid …
  • Once things are removed, they can be replaced, but it will never be the same again…

Solution for Level 4

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  1. Globalkiller says:

    Hi, i have finished the game, well i must say it was quiet an workout for my sleepy brain. Look forward to get more rooms. Well i have done all the 12 levels. So if any body needs any help with any level, they can simply email me… But before doing that, give it your best short. You might do it yourself. Best of luck.

  2. Maeflower says:

    i hate thiese puzzles… they stress me out

  3. Amber says:

    with the green wall on level 12 you have to complete it a column at a time starting on the left, so each row is green as you work your way right. When all is green except 4 bricks in the right hand column, the puzzle is solved. You should click 72 times….
    ….. for a diagram of it go to

  4. liam says:

    level 12 the final part what is the numbers in the rooom with the red thing in the way what do i do?

  5. Ultimaga says:

    Liam – Go back to the room with the lamp, switch it on, and read the code on the wall. Move the lamp head up and down to see the full code. Then return to that final room and enter the code, after which you click on the E. Note that no confirmations whatsoever will appear while you are entering the code.

  6. kitty says:

    this is the coolest math site i’veever seen in my life

  7. ananm says:

    ahhh how do u release the rathead in tiles????

  8. Adam says:

    Please help me on level nine (9)! I got into the computer, but I don’t know how to open the door to the right of the computer.

  9. Peggy says:

    How do I pass level 4. I’ve lit the log and put it in the fire, split the triangle and reput the pieces back but the door still won’t open. HELP ME!!!!

  10. sleepy says:

    im stuck on the code in level 12 i have a key a security card and a screwdriver. i tried to but the number in that i got from the lamp but it wont do anything! im getting frustrated because ive been working on this all alone with out cheats up until this level… but ive been workign on it for 2 weeks soo yeah

  11. Al[i]en says:

    stuck on lvl 12 i don’t know where u get the wire cutters need help don’t understand green wall ive gotten to the basement thing and past first laser but that’s it[<– this person is very confused. plz help him b4 he goes insane. thank you for anything that might help. or not. o wellz.]

  12. lewis says:

    what do you do with the wheel on level 7

  13. CMC says:

    I’m on level 12 and i’m stuck at the laser wall with the numbers 123E on the wall and i typed in my numbers from the lamp…31232131… and then E, but nothing happened. What do i do???

    Plz help!!!

  14. mike says:

    i am stuck on level nine.i got into the computer but i have no clue how to open the door on the right.

  15. lane says:

    the door wont open on level 5, i figured out the code and everything and it just says something else, but theres nothing to use? HELP ME!!

  16. Jelo says:

    im on level 12and i typed in my code on 123 e thing it worked but i cant unlock the door wut do i do! pleasse help

  17. Felicia says:

    I’m stuck on level 8. I have the clock weights, but where do I go from there? Please e-mail me if you know.

  18. claudani says:

    In level 9 on the computer i have the letter DRAFW Im Not sure what words i can make
    Help me please

  19. reshma says:

    i am on one of this level where there r 3 rooms and there is a spider if any of u have been on the level plz could u tell me how 2.

  20. Rolie jaye says:

    to complete the green wall it will save a lot of time by useing a search engine and there are solutions kind of like maps to use otherwise it will take you about two hours to complete

  21. maz says:

    the letters DRAFW spell dwarf
    can anyone help me i couldnt read my code for level 12 to finish and now i cant finish how do i go back and look again?

  22. Jessie says:

    Has anyone gotten past level 13 yet? I’ve been trying it for about an hour. I got the fire out but I still can’t open the door.

  23. Tanya says:

    HEY!!!! Please help me!! I’m in level 13 Im in a room with an elevator, and when I go to the room in the right, I find a machine with some colours (Blue, red, yellow and green); and I also can go outside where is an old carriage, how can I pass this level???I’ve already searched for walkthroughs but I can only find for level 12!!
    HELP ME!!!!

  24. David says:

    Hi, maz how did you put out the fire, i cannot get water from the well, by the way du you have the golden key ? i belive it will open the door.

    Jessie, search for clues in other floors, they will let you know how to set the colors

  25. ?????? says:

    I’ve gon further than the finsh. What do I do?

  26. Julio says:

    The eye is looking 4 the card. The you’ll b able to get the code for the “colors and shapes” machine. I did it all but I still stuck.
    How the hell can I put the fire out???

  27. jason says:

    use the elevator to find a bucket, tape in a cupboard. use tape w/bucket(fix holes) go to well. i still cant get the machine to work, and get the door open.

  28. cj says:

    In case anyone wants to know, go to level c i think it is and click the panel and click the squares till it’s all lit – you get a key.
    use it on the other floor in the cabinet to get the bucket and then click on the shelves to get tape.
    on floor b use the red card on the eye and it lets you through.
    read the painting and go right one screen and read the other paintings.
    This lets you know how to arrange the machine on floor A.
    Go outside and go left.
    Use the bucket on the well. When it comes back up fix it with tape then wind it up again and put out the fire.
    Go back in and pull the lever with the colours in the right order and with the top NOT pointy.

    You get the golden key
    Open the previously burning door and go thru.
    Done to be continued…again!
    Can’t count the aount of times I’ve finished this damn game and it wast to be continued…

  29. ELLIOT says:

    tayna there is a wooden wig or something under a wheel click on it and click on a manhole and go inside and click on a up button and the evelator.

  30. stupid green wall says:

    stupid green wall.on lvl 12 stupid ppl make that stupid game.

  31. julesdawg says:

    Teleporter…. driving me crazy… I’ve tried all of the combos. Red+Green=Yellow, B+R=Purple, B+G=Cyan, everything says that the wrong mixture is detected! grrr

  32. the_dude_21 says:

    da green wall is wel hard, the combination u need for da transporta is silver

  33. supernintyfan says:

    hints 4 lvl 13 plz

  34. Mary says:

    hey, i’m on lvl 13, and there is just an empty room with a little thing on the wall that says ABCD…what do i do? I have a screwdriver and a floppy disk.

  35. Kathy says:

    With the help to all of you, I managed to complete the whole game, want there to be more. Anyone know when the same is to be continuned????

    Gutted now, looks like I’ll have to do some work, nothing else to do…..

  36. Ybo says:

    move the clog infront the wan outsite …
    the utility will be working now and go insite the elevator.

  37. Kevin Long says:

    i am stuck in the level when you have to get the wheels on the pole thingy…i have the blue and green one but i can’t find the red wheel..i have found the pen and paper…please help me

  38. kevin long says:

    i am stuck in the level when you have to get the wheels on the pole thingy…i have the blue and green one but i can’t find the red wheel..i have found the pen and paper…please help me

  39. Jake T says:

    Hey I’m stuck on level 13 – I put the bucket in the well and put out the fire. But that colour mystery has got me

  40. Laura says:

    I am stuck in the room where you power up a ball and then it transports you to a room with a skeleton and a broken space ship – past level 13

  41. Squishy says:

    help me im stuck on the green wall!
    the red wheel is probably in the slot or in the cupboard 🙂

  42. frank says:

    i like cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

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