Games: Mystery of Time And Space: Solution Part II

January 13th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Mystery of Time And Space]As promised, here are hints and tips and the complete walkthru/walkthrough solution to levels 5 to 8 (inclusive) of the fun and enjoyable Mystery of Time and Space adventure game. Hints and solutions to levels 1 thru 4 can be found in my previous blog entry.

Hints for Level 5

  • Find out what is hidden behind all things.
  • Sort out all things that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Keep yourself very well connected.

Solution for Level 5

Hints for Level 6

  • Find the light and hang on tight!

Solution for Level 6

Hints for Level 7

  • Pass everything with flying colors.
  • Mail order: order it now and receive it in less than 1 minute!
  • Sharpen your writing skills.

Solution for Level 7

Hints for Level 8

  • I swear the walls are moving around on me
  • Perhaps there is something that will stop you from keeping time how long you have been in the madhouse
  • Chess, anyone?

Solution for Level 8

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  1. david says:

    i got the letters west on level 9 tried west…nothing tried stew…nothing tried wets…..nothing pleeeeeeease help email me though

  2. emmalou says:

    what a mind boggler finally got to finish it didn’t need to use the secret passage in level 12. And that green wall was a terror!!!!!!!!!! Lol :@)

  3. Rach says:

    6: (yellow unhappy face)
    7: (F – all rest are vowels)
    11: (circle – all rest have straight sides)
    4: (No.5 OR 15 – all rest are even numbers)
    6: (‘stick man’ – all the rest of lines
    are straight and have even numbers of
    7: (‘L’ – doesn’t “join” ends with any
    other piece)
    ***8: (‘W’ – has a small piece missing from it.)
    9: (‘H’ on side with line. All rest have
    even number of ‘sticks’)
    **10: (‘P’ – its up there twice)
    **12: (all the other shapes are rounded)
    11: (two ‘c’s back to back – all the rest
    are a curve+a straight line)
    6: (green fronted castle – in same horizontal
    and vertical lines as other green
    10: (two shapes touching at points with space
    in centre. All others just touch the other
    shape in one place only)
    1: (only one to have a ‘thin’ line on the left)***7: (MS – the only one with capital letters.)
    ***6: (blue, red, yellow, green – mirror image of the pattern used for the others)
    ***6: (7 dots – only one you can’t find on a 6-sided die)
    9: (two out blobs – won’t ‘fit’ into neighbours)
    7: (diamond – mirror image of the pattern used for the others)
    ***4: (mirror image of the others)
    ***5: (tilted compared to the others)
    11: (7:3 – the ‘:’ is the divide symbol – all
    the rest equal ten)
    12: (2042 – not a double of the previous number)
    ***1: (missing wedge on left – missing two 1/8 slices – all others are missing odd numbers of 1/8 slices)
    **11: (tilted 45 degrees – all others are either more vertical or more horizontal)
    6: (‘-‘ – only one to use a single line)
    ***2: (1101 – all the numbers are binary and 1101 is the largest)

  4. shelby says:

    great game but im stuck on level 13 or is it level 12 idk but cut the green wire on level 12 and what do you do with the screen by the elavator????????????????????????/ help me plzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Amy says:

    I’m at the last room after having deactivated the lasers. I only have a key card. Where do I find the key?

  6. Veda says:

    The Game has atm 19 level, so guys keep on playing. i stuck at the computer password…

  7. Nicko says:

    Yay, there’s finally a level 20! Good one too, loved how the magnet is used…

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