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Game: Grid Lock

February 9th, 2003

[Gridlock]“Physical, Skill, Mental or Mystery?” was the question asked by Richard O’Brien (then Edward Tudor-Pole) on the UK Channel 4 quiz show “The Crystal Maze”. Did you know that the set of that show was the size of a football pitch and that each series took five weeks to shoot, four months to edit and 14 weeks to screen?

Nope – well, that sounds like the amount of time I’m going to be playing the Mental game Gridlock – simply slide the pieces around to release the blue rectangle through the exit. No time limit or “automatic lock in” unlike the Crystal Maze (plus you can reset each level if you get really stuck) – but still extremely difficult! I’ve managed (over the past few days when I’ve actually had a spare waking moment) to get as far as level 17. Half an hour on the level and it’s still causing me difficulties! Some people have rumoured to have got up to level 40, but I think it’ll take me some time to get there.

Can you do any better (meaning I’m probably got at the moment the mental capacity of a squashed badger) or are you still Grid locked in Grid Lock?

(And, no, the game Gridlock has no resemblance to the Ben Elton book by the same name [Order from] )

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