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Guess That Movie: XXVIII: The Time Machine (2002)

February 20th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 28]Righto, here’s the new Guess That Movie image.

If you are a new player, the game is quite simple. Look at this 110x110pixel screenshot (nope, you can’t enlarge it) and see if you can remember which film it has been taken from. Once you think you know which film it is, leave a comment with your name (or alias), your email address (for my usage only) and the name of the movie you are guessing at. If it’s part of a series of movies – you MUST name the appropriate movie (so just saying “Austin Powers” isn’t good enough, you’ll have to say “Austin Powers III”), also if it’s a remake you must be specific which version it is (so “Planet Of the Apes” is too vague, but “Mark Wahlberg’s Planet Of the Apes” or “Planet Of the Apes 2001” would be accurate). I’ll then (when I get a moment) say whether your guess is right or wrong – if it’s wrong, you can guess again – if it’s right you get some points. And what do points make? Prizes!

Yep, it’s a whole lotta fun with prizes to be won. If you guess that movie within 12 hours of it being posted and there have been no incorrect guesses, you get 100 points. Every incorrect guess takes the potential score down by 5 points. 12 hours after the image was posted, the score drops by 10points – 12hours after than by another 10points: and then a further 10points every 24hours. So guess quick and guess correctly to score the maximum points! Once you’ve got at least 500points, you can “redeem” them for an Amazon gift voucher. 500 equals a £5 voucher (or the equivalent of £5 in your own currency in your chosen Amazon store). And it’s all free to enter as well! Wow!

Go on – make a guess!
The Time Machine (2002) [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire.

Guess That Movie: Scores So Far III

February 20th, 2003

[Guess That Movie images 19 to 27]Phew, has it really been another 9 images in Guess That Movie? The last image (number 27) was correctly recognised as being the non-pornographic “but about the industry” type movie Boogie Nights [Order from] which starred Mark “Planet Of the Apes” Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler, Burt Reynolds as Jack Horner as Heather “Austin Powers 2/Lost In Space” Graham as “Rollergirl”. New comer “Blue Neon Head” correctly recognised it (and the “pornographic movie actress in real life” Nina Hartley) earning him/her/it an initial 80 points.

How does the score board read at the moment then? Well, I’ll be shortly contacting “Ph33r_m3” to ask him which Amazon store he wants his gift voucher for (he’s scored 590 points which equates to a £5.90 voucher for Amazon UK or the equivalent currency in the Amazon store of his choice), Kymberlie just missed out on a prize by getting 480 points (20 points shy of the “prize level”), third place we have LD with 445 points – then “Super Beastmaster” with 280. In joint fifth position with 100 points is andersja, Toby and KHD – 8th position is held by “Blue Neon Head” with 80 points and trailing at the back of the pack is “Dr G” with just 60 points.

Since I’ve been having computer problems recently, I haven’t been able to complete the work on the new Guess That Movie site so I’m going to do something I’ll probably regret… I’m going to keep GTM running here for another 9 rounds and keep the points rolling. Therefore if Kymberlie gets another 120 points she’ll be entitled to a £6 voucher in 9 rounds time – if a brand new new comer (yes you – the one that’s been too shy to guess up to now!) wants to try and manages to get all 9 images correct with the first guess within 12hours of posting: then they’ll be walking away with a FREE £9 Amazon gift certificate!

I’ll try and get the next round up and running as soon as I can (should be in the next hour or so). Good luck – and congratulations Ph33r_m3 – expect an email from me within the next 3 days!

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