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Guess That Movie: XXXVII: The Asphyx

March 11th, 2003

[Guess That Movie Round 37]Yep, it’s time for the executive or action image of Guess That Movie Round 37. Except, it’s got just about in much in relation to executives and action as a monkey being in a tree has to do with the British empire and the fact that every Brit lives in castles near the hanging towers of Babylon….

Ok, now I’ve got that rambling out of the way (Le chat est sur la chaise) and we don’t have to worry about fog covering Alcatraz – you can have a go at guessing which movie the screenshot on the left was taken from. Just try and think which movie it was, and leave a guess with your name (or alias), email address and the movie name and I’ll say if you are right or wrong. By the way – there’s prizes to be won! I spent over $25 dollars on prizes yesterday alone (and hopefully they should have reached the recipients by now), so get guessing!
A: The Asphyx. [Order from] amazoncom:6305470146 . Correctly guessed by Dr G.

Snippet: Not funny

March 11th, 2003

Ok, ok – whoever it is that’s decided to send me over 1,000 emails every b—ing day for the last four days: very funny.

You can stop now.


(Yep: this means I’m locked out of my email until I’ve deleted this spam run. Only another 702 mails to zap 🙁 )

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