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Personal: Tiredness and Valentines

March 25th, 2003

Dancing SaddamWhy have I been so tired recently? For example: I got home from work today, came upstairs and checked my email and then thought I’d have “10 minutes rest” on my bed whilst watching next month’s episode of South Park (that’s number 704 – Cancelled) and within 30 minutes of me getting home from work I was fast asleep 🙁 5 hours later I woke up and I’m already beginning to feel like I’m fit for bed again… Plus my legs absolutely ache which isn’t good. I’ve actually been worried about my legs for a while now as my feet seem to have been “pointing outwards” a lot more than usual and been hurting a lot – but it’s just one of those minor things I didn’t think it was worth bothering the doctors with, but I might have to see if I can get a referral to a chiropodist just to try and alleviate the pain a bit (it’s more a “numbing” pain and sudden cramps) – I’ll probably have to get some “insole corrector” thingys to put in my shoes to correct my walking posture… Yep – I’ve got weird legs. Saying that, it could just be how I sit – the chair I’ve got at home at my computer desk is around 3 years old and isn’t too comfy – I seem to get cramp in my legs after half an hour or so sitting on it – maybe a new chair is in order…

Oh – I spoke to my GESF for the first time in 1.5weeks yesterday and we had a bit to talk about: some was quite funny, but we did find out we had the same viewpoint concerning the current crisis in Iraqi (yep, like all bloggers, I had to get a mention of it in my blog somewhere) – I’m not publicly stating my stance on whether I think the war is right or wrong etc – but my GESF and I do agree on practically every issue. Oh – and whilst we were talking, the subject came up regarding her mystery valentines card – I’m still the “prime suspect” at the moment, but then I moaned “well, you were lucky to get one – I’m still waiting for mine” and she remarked that perhaps, if I had sent her a Valentines card, she would have sent me one… So I’ve agreed to send her a belated Valentines card (deity knows where I’ll get one from though – 1.5months after the event!): what it means, I’m not sure – did she want a Valentines Card from me? Does she really like me more than I suspected, or am I just being overly hopeful again?

Whilst on the subject of being overly hopeful, I did get a little surprise today – my boss is going to be giving me a bonus this month for all my hard work and commitment to work (well, I agree that I am probably should be committed but;) ), it’s come as a very nice surprise and I did thank him for it – but I’m not 100% convinced I’ve actually done something to make it worth while giving me a bonus. Admittedly, I have come up with a few ideas and stuff – but nothing sensational or that really saves/makes us money (whereas he’s come up with new products that we now sell for around 100% profit!), but… Oh well, if he thinks I’m worth it, then who am I to argue? 😉 I will have to actually do something that really makes a mark though, but it’s just where and how – there’s lots of room for improvement in our workflow – but I just haven’t got the time at the moment to even sketch out what’s required let alone implement it.

I’m also think of asking somebody out for a date/meal/movie this week, but I’m not sure if a) I’ve got the guts (that’s confidence for all you non-slang speakers) and b) if she’ll agree… I need to think about this…

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