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Snippet: Parents call, I sleep

May 7th, 2003

*snippet* My parents are currently in Tunisia having a holiday and they gave me a quick call around 8pm for a chat. Which I did so: answering the phone in my bedroom (as I’m normally upstairs anyway). Bad move, as I was chatting, I rested on my bed and as soon as they had gone I drifted off into slumberland. Aaargh, “I don’t believe I wanted to do that”. Woke up at 11pm with my computer announcing that a TV programme was on that I wanted to watch: so quick rush to clean cat bowl, let cat out, have dinner, watch programme, let cat back in, check helpdesk for work and now I’m back to bed.

Work, sleep, Work, sleep: It’s all I ever seem to do at the moment (well and play Sim related games 😉 ).

Guess That Movie: LIV: The Graduate

May 7th, 2003

Guess That Movie 54“Mom, Guess That Movie round 53 was Young Frankenstein [Order from] amazoncom:6305168857″, “A certain Mommy knows that Kymberlie R. McGuire is going to be getting an extra 100 points for that”.

Don’t ask 😉 But Kymberlie managed to walk away with 100 points again for last round, and once this round has been guessed I’ll tot up the scores again but I’m sure she’s entitled to another Amazon gift voucher again.

In the mean time, take a look at round 54. You don’t have to play it, but if you do you could win up to 100 points. You still have to give at least three items of information: your name or alias for the audience, your email address for your friend Richy to be able to award you any prizes and your 50/50 guess of the name of the movie (50/50 as it’s either going to be right or wrong). Are you absolutely sure that’s your guess? Then leave it a comment: but if I catch any awaiting contestants coughing then I’ll be sending an Army Major and a lecturer around… It’s still faster finger first though!

(And you thought my ramblings couldn’t get any stranger 🙂 )
A: The Graduate. [Order from] amazoncom:B00000K0DS . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Snippet: Zzzz needed

May 7th, 2003

*snippet* Need sleep. Need to update Guess that movie. Need to update new websites. Need to block all inbound traffic to machine that has the three letters s-i-m anywhere in it.

I got home from work and I actually thought I’d done some “personal work” done: but I instantly find an online s-i-m game – I was going to blog about it but it’s slightly adult orientated and definitely has an Adult theme at the end. Personally, I think it’ll be a better game if it wasn’t for that unnecessary “hard Adult content” at the end but… If you want to play it, you’ll have to AltaVista (or, if you prefer, Google 😀 ) for “sim girl” on ebaumsworld, flashradium or newgrounds ….

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