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Poll: How Dodgy Are You?

May 18th, 2003

How Dodgy Are You?How well do you think you know the law (mainly UK orientated law, but there is a bit of international coverage here)? Think you are definitely Heaven material and have not committed any offence in your life?

Well, take a peek at the How Dodgy Are You? quiz and see “which side you sit when it comes to dealings with the judiciary system of this country”. There’s 30 questions and at the end of it you’ll find out how much the maximum number of years in prison and the maximum potential fine you could get for your crimes. The maximum is a whopping 132 years in Prison and a fine of £9500 (plus the possibility of the death penalty)! Plus you get to find out little snippets of information about the law about things that you didn’t realise what was illegal (I was actually surprised about the mine pie question and the question, which if you answer yes to, indicates you actually committed treason in the UK – oh, and Scotsmen in York better watch out on question 25: it’s given me a evil-but-legal idea 😉 ).

I answered “Yes” to just less than half of the questions and I got:

Bet you didn’t think you’d be on the wrong side of the law when you started this quiz? Thought you were sweet and innocent? Well maybe you should swot up on the law. Otherwise you never know when you might get a knock on the door…

Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes:

Years in prison: 5 Potential fine: £0

And that’s in relation to a “crime” I committed when I was still in secondary school years ago (I got into a fight with someone, but it’s technically assault/bodily harm).

How Dodgy Are You?

Guess That Movie: LVI: Village Of The Damned (1995)

May 18th, 2003

Guess That Movie Round 56Congratulations new comer Rob for recognising that Guess That Movie round 55 was from the movie Maybe Baby [Order from] amazoncom:B000062XFI (it actually showed Rowan Atkinson as the infertility doctor Mr.James – you probably know him better as Blackadder, Mr. Bean or Johnny English).

Anyway, it looks like the infertility was a success and an albino looking sprog emerged – but which film is this screen shot from (ok, the two films aren’t really related but I’m trying to get some sort of theme going here 😉 ). Just leave a comment with your name/alias, email address (for the prize givings) and the name of the movie you think this screen shot is taken from. I’m going to have to insist you include the approximate year this movie was released in OR the directors name (as there is at least one other movie with the same name and I want to be sure you are guessing at the right one). If you guess that movie correctly, I’ll award you some points. Points start at 100 per image and decline over time (after the first 12 hours it goes down by 10 points, then down a further 10 points every 24hours after posting) – oh and wrong guesses have a 5 point penalty.

But what good are points? Well, get 500 points and you can claim a �5 Amazon gift voucher/certificate for the Amazon store of your choice (�5 will be converted into the appropriate currency at the exchange rates displayed on at the time of claim) – so you can get free books, movies and music just by playing a simple FREE guessing game!
A: John Carpenter’s Village of The Damned (1995). [Order from] amazoncom:0783230427 . Correctly guessed by Antgrad

Movies: The Matrix Reloaded

May 18th, 2003

Matrix ReloadedAhhh – one of the most awaited films for ages got its premier in Europe on Thursday (at Cannes) and it has already taken $42.5million in the US box office. And whilst some critics have said it was quite good to “ok”, there’s one thing I didn’t like.

The Back To The Future similarity.

Eh? I hear you ask – well, to avoid spoiling the ending of The Matrix Reloaded for people, you’ll have to read the full length version of this entry to find out exactly what I mean.
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