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Guess That Movie: LVIII: SouthPark: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

May 20th, 2003

Guess That Movie 58Righto, it seems Kymberlie was on the ball yesterday and managed to recognise round 57 as being from “Men In Black” within 20minutes (earning her another 100 points), but let’s see how you all fair in this round of Guess That Movie.

Just leave a comment with your name/alias, email address (for the prize givings) and the name of the movie you think this screen shot is taken from. If you guess that movie correctly, I’ll award you some points. Points start at 100 per image and decline over time (after the first 12 hours it goes down by 10 points, then down a further 10 points every 24hours after posting) – oh and wrong guesses have a 5 point penalty. But what good are points? Well, get 500 points and you can claim a £5 Amazon gift voucher/certificate for the Amazon store of your choice (£5 will be converted into the appropriate currency at the exchange rates displayed on at the time of claim) – so you can get free books, movies and music just by playing a simple FREE guessing game!

A: South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut.
No winner

Snippet: Server Downtime

May 20th, 2003

*snippet* Just so everybody knows, the Beebware network of sites (which includes my personal blog) will be unavailable for 30-60 minutes today whilst server maintenance is carried out: so if you suddenly get “Could not reach server” errors, don’t worry – just have a cup of tea and a slice of toast and come back later.

The next Guess That Movie image won’t be up until the server maintenance is complete: so give it until around 1700 BST (1600 GMT)

Poll: What’s your Snob Status?

May 20th, 2003

39% snob“The Edwardian era was rife with snobbery – people at the top of society could justify being 100% snobs and those at the bottom knew their place. But just how much of a snob are you?”.

I’m a mere 39% of a snob – “some hope of becoming a decent human being in the near future”. Cool – I’ve always wanted to become a human being, I’m getting fed up of just being a bog-standard carbon based biped 😉 “Just keep working on that attitude: don’t forget that the sick, the poor and uneducated are people too.” But I never forget, people are there to do my bidding and the moor uneducated and sick there are the more “easy to manipulate” they are 🙂

(Found via Asisaid)

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