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Snippet: Too Hot

June 22nd, 2003

It’s too hot to go to sleep, I’m too tired to attempt a 6th install of Debian Linux on Zaphod (with its shiny new 120Gb HD, new processor fan and 15m network cable to Ford), I’ve got programming work to do for work, but I’m too tired to even start reading Book 1 of the Harry Potter series (I finished Order Of The Phoenix earlier today and it was a bit of a disappointment: it could be so much shorter without most of the blurb, and there were no real surprises in it).

Oh – along with it being 11.50pm and being quite hot, it’s also raining, but my throat feels parched. I can’t win 🙁 Can somebody please sort the weather out for me please?

Change of subject: Does the word “Mardy” mean anything where you are? I’m asking as it means something here in Leicester (and, it appears, over most of the East Midlands), but my GESF had never heard of the word before (her flat mate, from London, knew what it meant though).

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