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Richy's Random Ramblings

Bug Report [Fixed]: WordPress Plugin “miniOrange Broken Link Checker” syntax errors

In an effort to prove to myself that I am actually trying to do work this month, I’m making a note of all the bugs in 3rd party software I find.

Today is a bug reported the developers of the miniOrange Broken Link Checker | Finder WordPress Plugin on the 11th June 2022 through the WordPress plugin forum about database syntax issues being caused in the version 2.1 of that plugin.

Windows: What ports does application/program X have open?

I recently had to help somebody with a Windows 10 based application which offered a “connection” facility (i.e. enter your computer’s IP address and port and the 3rd party system would connect to it), but the application failed to say which port(s) it had open.

Whilst there are a number of ways to view open ports – such as Microsoft’s Sysinternal’s TCPView and NirSoft’s CurrPorts – I wanted to suggest a way which neither required an additional piece of software to be installed and didn’t require administrator access.

Here are the steps to find out what ports application “AppName” has open:

Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Pipe – aka what is that small metal pipe sticking out of my house leaking water?

A slightly leaking Pressure Relief Valve exit from a Combi-Boiler through a brick wall

If you have ever wondered what bit of plumbing a small metal capped pipe that sticks out of your house could be, then that is the end of your combi boiler’s PRV (Boiler Pressure Relief Valve): and if it has water dripping/leaking from it, it most likely means your boiler has been over pressurised (i.e. you’ve put too much water in it) or you may have a faulty expansion vessel in your boiler.

Luckily for us, this isn’t our pressure relief valve pipe – but I did initially think it was (as it was on “our side” of an exterior wall).

The pressure relief safety valve (PRV) is mandated by British Standard BS 6798:2014 for sealed central heating systems and is intended to stop any excessive pressure causing damage. The small pipe bit isn’t actually the valve itself, but is just the pipework which leads from the spring-loaded valve within the boiler. Leaks from it could also be caused by the valve not being able to close correctly due to dirt build up.

Google Domains closing – current .com domain name prices

I’ve spent a while migrating all of our domain names to Google Domains – only for Google to announce that as of September 7th 2023 they are stopping all new domain registrations and moving the public domain registrations over to Squarespace (Google domains managed 9 years before being killed by Google).

We were paying £10/year for .com (and .net and .dev) domain name purchases/renewals with Google – but what are the “current market prices”?

(I was starting to migrate domains over to WordPress (mainly for the free year of renewal), but finding out that they don’t support DNSSEC and that there isn’t an ETA for its implementation means I might have to look elsewhere.)

Domain price (one year)NotesThanks to
Cloudflare£7.47Price converted from $9.15 USD.
Does support DNSEC.
Domains must use Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS provider.
WordPress£10.00Currently offering free transfer+1 year renewal for domains currently with Google Domains.
Does not support DNSSEC.
ResellerClub£10.44Price converted from $12.79.
Available to resellers only.
Amazon Route 53£10.63Price converted from $13.00
ClouDNS£10.93Price converted from $13.39 USD.
Does support DNSSEC.
OpenSRS£11.23Price converted from $13.75 USD.
Available to resellers only.
Namecheap£11.40New customer pricing of £4.87. Neil Turner via Mastodon
DNSimple£11.86Price converted from $14.50 USD.
Requires a free subscription.
Does support DNSSEC.
Shopify£12.28Price converted from $15.00 USD.
Might be limited to using Shopify’s platform.
20i£12.49Does support DNSSEC.
Reseller pricing £10.49 (reseller package costs £47.99/month)
OpenProvider£12.76Price converted from $15.58 USD.
Members pricing £8.00 (membership costs $49.99/year)
OVHCloud£12.95First year registration: £10.19
Does support DNSSEC
Hetzner£13.55Price converted from €15.60 EUR.
Hover£14.73Price converted from $17.99 USD
First year registration £13.10.
EasyDNS£15.51Price converted from $19.00 USD.
Squarespace£16.00New provider for Google Domains customers.
First year registration £9.60
Hostgator£16.37Price converted from $19.99 USD
First year registration £10.61.
HeartInternet£16.78Advertised prices exclude VAT.
First year registration £11.98
Mythic Beasts£17.40Advertised prices exclude VAT.
Does support DNSSEC.
Jonathan Matthews via Mastodon
Bluehost£18.00Price converted from $21.99.
First year registration £10.91
Ionos£18.00First year registration £1.20.Howard Cheng via Mastodon£18.00Price converted from $21.99.
Network Solutions£20.48Price converted from $25.
I brought my first domain from them in 1998 – NS has been sold 4 times since!
Easily£20.89Advertised prices exclude VAT
123-Reg£20.38Advertised prices exclude VAT.
First year registration £5.99
GoDaddy£21.56Advertised prices exclude VAT.
First year registration £10.78.
Namesco£23.98Advertised prices exclude VAT.
First year registration £11.98
Gandi£23.99First year registration £16.54.Philip John via Mastodon


Prices shown in £ GBP/Pound Sterling and are based on publicly available “single year renewal” prices at the date I added them to the table (with any different registration pricing noted).

Where possible, all prices include UK VAT/Tax and have been converted from any other currencies to GBP using where the site itself did not provide currency conversion.

I can’t be held responsible for any errors, omissions, out of date information etc etc – I did my best! 😀

Edited 25th September 2023:

  • Add “Thanks” to people who reminded me of certain registries
  • Added Ionos, Mythic Beasts, DNSimple, Amazon Route 53, Easily, Hetzner, Network Solutions, Shopfiy,, OVHCloud, Glauca, Joker, Hostgator, OpenProvider, Dynadot and Hover.
  • Added note of DNSSec support and reseller pricing to 20i
  • Corrected ordering placement of Heartinternet
  • Clarified Disclaimer.