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  • Memories…or how I learnt new names for old products

    I have memories of eating Marathon chocolate bars (now Snickers) or sucking on Opal Fruits (now Starbursts) and then cleaning up using Jif cream (now Cif) and Bounty towels (now Plenty). Now wonder my memory seems to be going – history is being re-written… Incidentally, and what sparked this post off, is that “Bounty” have […]

  • Business: Royal Mail Postage Price Increase

    Following on from my previous post about where my money goes, I thought it’ll be worth reminding people that tomorrow (Tuesday the 6th of April) Royal Mail* postage prices increase (* = Royal Mail is a “private company” wholly owned by the UK Government). Rate New price Old price 1st Class Letter (up to 100g) […]

  • News: Well Done Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick

    If you’ve been even slightly following the news, you might have read that “Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick” made a security blunder on Wednesday the 8th of April by accidentally exposing a “Secret” document to Downing Street photographers (technically a breach of the Official Secrets Act). However, he has done the […]

  • News Commentary: Proposed Minimum Alcohol Prices

    The UK’s “top medical adviser”, Sir Liam Donaldson, has drawn up plans for a minimum price for alcohol of 50pence per unit of alcohol they contain for the purpose of “tackling alcohol misuse” – although it isn’t clear from the BBC’s article how this figure was arrived at (it could be a figure Donaldson just […]

  • News Commentary: Performing Rights Society and YouTube’s disagreement

    As you may aware, the UK’s Performing Right Society (PRS) has had a “little falling out” with YouTube. Basically, as far as I can tell from the BBC reports, YouTube is not willing to pay what the PRS is requesting (some say the PRS is asking for considerably more money the currently, some say that […]