Category: Drunken Ramblings

  • Ramblings: Jaffa Cake Advert Song

    Can anybody else remember a Jaffa Cake advert from around 1990 which went (in a Jamaican style accent): Now listen general public for goodness sake, My family they go crazy for those Jaffa Cakes, Like when I’m bouncing little baby on my knee, The first words that he speaks are “They’re orangey”… Jaffa Jaffa…. If […]

  • Drunken: P—d off

    I’m reasonably drunk and I’m p—d off at stuff. Don’t bother reading this entry as I’m just letting off steam…

  • Personal: How to confuse Richy

    To confuse me, let me go (in a drunken state) to a site such as to finalise holiday/vacation bookings. Since I’m going to Japan, select “Japan” from the Everywhere/Country drop down list. Get taken to I understand very little Japanese Kanji, so I select “English”, and since I’m looking for a place to […]

  • Drunken: Still alive, but *sob*

    I’m still alive, but *sob*. All I’m saying is Act 42 of “Full Moon wo Sagashite” (Searching for a Full Moon) *cry*. I’m upset now – I blame it on the drink… Any one else watched Full Moon wo Sagashite?

  • Drunken: My head’s a spinning

    Like a whirl pool it never ends… Make note: drinking a whole bottle of whiskey in a night is a good way of getting blotted. Make note: making an auto-server install/setup script is a good idea to do (as it’ll save oodles of time later) Make note: Not good idea mixing the above two notes […]