Month: July 2004

  • Work: Knackering…

    Many thanks for the two people who said “Happy Sys Admin Day” to me today (cheers Neil!): I wasn’t too sure about it myself as when I received the first one (around 10am), there wasn’t any “news” about it on Le Reg or Slashdot… Anyway, I just needed something to perk me up. Work’s been […]

  • Personal: How to confuse Richy

    To confuse me, let me go (in a drunken state) to a site such as to finalise holiday/vacation bookings. Since I’m going to Japan, select “Japan” from the Everywhere/Country drop down list. Get taken to I understand very little Japanese Kanji, so I select “English”, and since I’m looking for a place to […]

  • Blog: Trackback Spam

    Neil and myself have just been hit by some nasty track back spam promoting some illegal adult websites from the IP addresses and I haven’t found much mention of the 198. IP address on the internet, but the is an open proxy server: therefore, I’ve taken the (reluctant) decision to block all […]