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  • [Personal] Turns out I didn’t actually need a new NAS

    On Friday, I (well, the company), purchased a brand new Synology DS1815+ 8 Bay Desktop NAS (Network Attached Storage) device as the 4-bay Drobo (non-networked) storage device we were using for backups/file storage just seemed to be eating through hard drives – every few months, a red light would appear next to a drive and […]

  • Plans for 2016

    Well, here’s my plans for 2016 – let’s see what works out. Blog more. In 2015, I made just 4 blog posts which is a bit crap and I want to address that and provide more high quality content which leads me on to… Aim to release a substantial bit of free open-source content at […]

  • Quick review of 2015

    Well, 2015 happened. For us, it was quite a mixed bag. Good news was that in May, we managed to purchase a house instead of renting (after 7 years) and in July we added a little friend to our family – Max the chihuahua. The bad news front was that in September our cat was […]

  • What a broken week

    With my car already being a bit broken (a wall jumped out of it on the 15th of June and it’s not getting repaired until the 14th of August), my wife broke on Sunday, the washing machine keeps breaking down and now the kettle has gone kaput. On the plus side, the boiler (in the […]

  • About me: Inter(net)esting dates

    Here’s my “interest internet related dates”, what are yours? (I’ve highlighted “key dates”) * November 1994: [general] founded * November 1994: Started a public domain software library for BBC computer software * December 1994: Changed the public domain software library to promote RISC OS software (upon purchase of an Acorn A3010) * 1995: Started […]

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