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  • Web site owners: Please make field limits clear!

    I’ve just had a small issue with Twitter and I tried to contact them via their Help section and filled in their form giving the following information in the description box:

  • Dominos Pizza: Watch the deals

    And whilst I’m ranting about Dominos Pizza, they have the following deals: “Feed Four for £5 each: 2 x Medium Pizzas, 1 x Garlic Pizza Bread, 1 x Potato Wedges plus 1 x bottle of 1.25l Coca Cola for only £19.99” “Double Deal Medium: 2 Medium Pizza (from the menu or create your own up […]

  • Royal Mail Fax Numbers

    If anybody else needs these contact details: Royal Mail Fax Number (to be honest, I’m not sure where this one goes): 020 7250 2030 Royal Mail Redirections Centre Fax Number: 01782 406 120 (however, faxes sent at 1pm on a Friday won’t get looked at “until Monday, possibly Tuesday and then will take 5 days […]

  • Net: Ensuring the future of Food in Japan

    Here’s a video I’ve just found via “The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st century” detailing that Japan imports 60% of its food (one of the lowest amongst developed nations) and that the Japanese diet has gone from rice, fish and vegetables to “meat, fat and oil” (mmm, oil!). The video proposes that the […]

  • Website Uptime Monitoring Systems

    After a post on Twitter from Dannychoo regarding web site uptime monitoring systems, I thought I’d make a list of all the ones I know of, the services they offer and their pricing for future reference. Service Found via Highest check frequency Monitor nodes Features Monthly 1 minute keyword HTTP checks Monthly 10 minute keyword […]