Month: February 2013

  • Dominos Pizza: Watch the deals

    And whilst I’m ranting about Dominos Pizza, they have the following deals: “Feed Four for £5 each: 2 x Medium Pizzas, 1 x Garlic Pizza Bread, 1 x Potato Wedges plus 1 x bottle of 1.25l Coca Cola for only £19.99” “Double Deal Medium: 2 Medium Pizza (from the menu or create your own up […]

  • Dominos Pizza Movie Deal

    We were just looking for some food to eat on the Dominos Pizza website when I came across their “Box Busting deal” which includes “Large Pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges and a [current or library movie] rental” for £19.99. It looked tempting as we were possibly considering going to the cinema to see “something”, […]

  • Techy: Dedicated server prices compared

    We’ve just started our annual “provider audit” and our first “task” was to look at comparable dedicated hosting providers to make sure we are getting a package for us at the lowest reasonable rate. Our requirements are: * Minimum 4Gb RAM * 4 CPU Cores at 2.0Ghz or above * 2x 500Gb hard drives * […]

  • Gmail: Search for mail between two dates

    If you want to search your Gmail/Google Email mail for emails received between two dates, the following search term should help; before:2013/02/01 after:2012/12/31

  • Command Line awk Regular Expression for Apache logs

    For code testing against a live site, I’ve had to extract all urls from an Apache access file – but how to do this from the Linux command line? The secret is to use two regular expressions (regexp) in a “awk” command – for example: cat examine.txt | awk ‘sub(/.*(GET|POST) \//,””)&&sub(/ HTTP.*/,””)’ This will pipe […]