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Month: February 2013

Dominos Pizza: Watch the deals

And whilst I’m ranting about Dominos Pizza, they have the following deals:

“Feed Four for £5 each: 2 x Medium Pizzas, 1 x Garlic Pizza Bread, 1 x Potato Wedges plus 1 x bottle of 1.25l Coca Cola for only £19.99”
“Double Deal Medium: 2 Medium Pizza (from the menu or create your own up to 4 toppings, Premium Crusts & Bases charged as extra ) £20.99”

So, if you actually want 2 Medium pizzas (as we do), it works out £1 cheaper to get it with garlic bread, potato wedges and Cola!

Dominos Pizza Movie Deal

We were just looking for some food to eat on the Dominos Pizza website when I came across their “Box Busting deal” which includes “Large Pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges and a [current or library movie] rental” for £19.99. It looked tempting as we were possibly considering going to the cinema to see “something”, so I had a look at which films they had “stocked”.

1) It’s not clear that this are actually “streaming” videos: i.e. you aren’t actually renting a physical item to play in your DVD or Blu-Ray player
2) No technical specifications are given on the main site at (they are in the FAQ on though: an entirely separate site).
3) It says it can be viewed on a “PC or Mac” (is that Windows and Mac or “Windows, Linux, RISC OS” [i.e. anything in a “PC form factor] and Mac”)
4) It will” only work on the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox 15, Opera 12.02, Chrome 21, IE9 and Safari 5.1.7″. I run Chrome 25 on my Linux laptop: can I actually play the movie (the “latest version” of “Chrome 21” as far as I can tell was Chrome 21.0.1180.90 (released September 24 2012). Since around that, “Chrome 21” has been ended. I would under stand if it said “Latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE and Safari” (and is it compatible with IE10?)
5) And the biggest problem I’ve got is the movie choice. The titles are provided by Lions Gate UK Limited and the choices are:

“Latest” (not available under the deal)

  1. “LOL”
  2. What to expect when you’re expecting
  3. Friends with Kids
  4. Magic Mike
  5. Keith Lemon The Film
  6. The Expendables 2
  7. The Possession
  8. Tower Block<?li>
  9. Gangsters, Guns and Zombies
  10. The Cupid Dog

(I’ve heard of “What to expect when you’re expecting”, “Magic Mike” and “The Expendables 2”: but I’ve not been tempted to see any of them).[3 heard, 0 “want to watch”, 0 owned]

“Current” (part of the deal)

  1. Daddy I’m a Zombie
  2. Metal Tornado
  3. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  4. Abduction
  5. From Prada to Nada
  6. The Cabin In the Woods
  7. Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles
  8. How I Spent My Summer Vacaction
  9. Machine Gun Preacher
  10. Sofia
  11. A Dangerous Method
  12. Axed
  13. Hell
  14. The Hunger Games
  15. Outpost 2: Black Sun
  16. Hesher
  17. Warrior
  18. 50/50
  19. Coriolanus
  20. Trespass
  21. The Son of No One
  22. Mothman
  23. Alyce
  24. The Devil in me
  25. The Thompsons
  26. As Good as dead
  27. The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa: The Movie

(I’ve heard of “The Hunger Games”: but not been tempted to see it. I’e not heard of the others).[1 heard, 0 “want to watch”, 0 owned]

“Library Title”

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Monster Mutt
  3. Thor Tales of Asgard (not the 2011 film, but an animated one)
  4. Ultimate Avengers (not the 2012 film, but an animated one)
  5. Akeelah And The Bee
  6. Ella Enchanted
  7. Noel
  8. Good Nigh, And Good Luck
  9. Mothman prophecies
  10. Forbidden Kingdom
  11. Bend It like Beckham
  12. Employee of the month
  13. Fred: The Movie
  14. The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
  15. Pumping Iron
  16. Mad Money
  17. Good Luck Chuck: Fruity Edition
  18. The Bank Job
  19. Dirty Dancing
  20. Conan: The Barbarian (from what I can tell from the cover image, as the text doesn’t state, this is the 2011 Jason Momoa/Ron Perlman one and not the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger / James Earl Jones one)
  21. The Blair Witch Project
  22. A Cock And Bull Story
  23. Revolver
  24. Solitary Man
  25. The Best Man
  26. Adventurelan
  27. Maybe Baby
  28. The Edge of Love
  29. Jackie Brown
  30. Righteous Kill
  31. Chaos
  32. Stone
  33. The Four Feathers
  34. The Great Raid
  35. Jeepers Creepers
  36. Reservoir Dogs
  37. Daybreakers
  38. Command Performance
  39. The Expendables
  40. The Condemned
  41. Setup
  42. Clerks
  43. Young Guns
  44. Monster
  45. Garfield’s Pet Force
  46. Spy Kids 1
  47. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
  48. Spy Kids 3: Game Over
  49. Happily N’Ever After 2

(We own “The Princess Bride”, “Maybe Baby” and “Clerks” and I’ve heard “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus”, “Dirty Dancing”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Jeepers Creepers”, “Reservoir Dogs”, “The Expendables” and the 3 “Spy Kids” films and we may be very slightly tempted by “Conan: The Barbarian”). [9 heard, 1 “want to watch”, 3 owned]

So, out of 76 available movies, I’ve heard of 10, own 3 and may be slightly tempted by 1.

I don’t think we’ll bother with this deal.

Techy: Dedicated server prices compared

We’ve just started our annual “provider audit” and our first “task” was to look at comparable dedicated hosting providers to make sure we are getting a package for us at the lowest reasonable rate. Our requirements are:
* Minimum 4Gb RAM
* 4 CPU Cores at 2.0Ghz or above
* 2x 500Gb hard drives
* RAID 1 or RAID 10 (software or hardware)
* 1Tb monthly data transfer limit
* Minimum of 4 IPv4 IP addresses
* Europe hosting (UK preferred)
* CentOS/RedHat operating system
* Ideally cPanel, IPv6 and remote “console” support
* Not “Cloud/VPS” (we’re going to be using the server for shared hosting and shared hosting on shared hardware just seems silly)

Our budget for this was £200+vat. Here’s what we found:
View in new window.

We haven’t yet made a decision (I must admit, we’ve been extremely happy with Memset for quite a few years now) – it is interesting what all the companies offer. Please remember that this spreadsheet is incomplete in parts (the ? should show where), doesn’t actually assess the providers networks or what support package is offered (i.e. there may be an “unlisted” reason one costs £100pm more than another!).

Is there any one you think we’ve missed?

Command Line awk Regular Expression for Apache logs

For code testing against a live site, I’ve had to extract all urls from an Apache access file – but how to do this from the Linux command line?

The secret is to use two regular expressions (regexp) in a “awk” command – for example:

cat examine.txt | awk 'sub(/.*(GET|POST) \//,"")&&sub(/ HTTP.*/,"")'

This will pipe the contents of the file examine.txt to AWK which will run two regular expressions. The first one will remove the “phrase” “GET /” or “POST /” and anything before it – and the second will remove the “phrase” ” HTTP” and anything after it. It’ll then give you a nice list of URLs to test.

Oh – and if you’d like it to produce a nice “curl friendly” file of just URLs starting “xyz.php” from host then:

cat examine.txt | grep "GET /xyz.php" | awk 'sub(/.*(GET|POST) \//,"")&&sub(/ HTTP.*/,"")' > curl.txt

should do the trick (combine that with cat curl.txt | xargs -n1 -i curl {} > /dev/null to test)