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Techy: Dedicated server prices compared

We’ve just started our annual “provider audit” and our first “task” was to look at comparable dedicated hosting providers to make sure we are getting a package for us at the lowest reasonable rate. Our requirements are:
* Minimum 4Gb RAM
* 4 CPU Cores at 2.0Ghz or above
* 2x 500Gb hard drives
* RAID 1 or RAID 10 (software or hardware)
* 1Tb monthly data transfer limit
* Minimum of 4 IPv4 IP addresses
* Europe hosting (UK preferred)
* CentOS/RedHat operating system
* Ideally cPanel, IPv6 and remote “console” support
* Not “Cloud/VPS” (we’re going to be using the server for shared hosting and shared hosting on shared hardware just seems silly)

Our budget for this was £200+vat. Here’s what we found:
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We haven’t yet made a decision (I must admit, we’ve been extremely happy with Memset for quite a few years now) – it is interesting what all the companies offer. Please remember that this spreadsheet is incomplete in parts (the ? should show where), doesn’t actually assess the providers networks or what support package is offered (i.e. there may be an “unlisted” reason one costs £100pm more than another!).

Is there any one you think we’ve missed?

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  1. Have a look at VeloxServ, who are based in Wolverhampton. They have been my hosting provider for nearly 4 years now, and are both very good and reasonably priced too. They do offer dedicated servers (and could almost certainly build you one to your required spec too), although I’ve used them for co-locating my own kit so far.

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