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  • TV: Knightmare – it’s back!

    Yes! Knightmare – The show I recently described as “where a strange man blinds children, puts them in hazardous situations and makes them get food and “potions” from strangers after manipulating them is coming back (source The Guardian and Den of Geek). It’s only going to currently be a one-off for YouTube’s Geek Week (4th […]

  • Briggs-Rauscher Iodine Oscillator video

  • YouTube: Axis of Awesome Four Chord Song

    I’ve found a YouTube video I’ve been hunting for for a few months now – “Four Chord song” by Axis of Awesome: basically, they don’t think they’ve had a hit record because they’ve never release a single with a song with these four chords which are used in practically every popular beat combo:

  • YouTube: Japanese Queen

    In another shameless Japanese-orientated post stealing from Accordion Guy, here’s a Queen Medley (entitled “Joousama Monogatari” by the Japanese group Joousama): In order, the songs (if you don’t recognise them) are: Bohemian Rhapsody Bicycle Race Killer Queen Flash Gordon We Will Rock You Another One Bites the Dust A Crazy Little Thing Called Love We […]

  • Literal Music Video: Daydream Believer

    I’ve already blogged about A Ha’sTake On Me literal video version, but here’s the Monkee’s with Daydream Believer: Jake also has Billy Idol’s White Wedding Literal Video.