Month: July 2013

  • TV: Knightmare – it’s back!

    Yes! Knightmare – The show I recently described as “where a strange man blinds children, puts them in hazardous situations and makes them get food and “potions” from strangers after manipulating them is coming back (source The Guardian and Den of Geek). It’s only going to currently be a one-off for YouTube’s Geek Week (4th […]

  • TV’s Most Memorable Numbers

    After misreading The Guardian’s TV’s five most memorable mumblers headline, I started wondering what TV’s most memorable numbers actually are/were (from a UK perspective). 1. “911”. Yes, the American emergency services number – crops up a lot in TV programmes aired in the UK, but our own 999 or the European 112 number doesn’t (I […]

  • PHP: Flow of data: WordPress – MagicMembers Plugin

    I hope this post comes in handy to any one else which has to support/deal with the MagicMembers plugin for WordPress. The [user_register\ calls mgm_content_hooks.php “function mgm_shortcode_parse” which then calls mgm_user_register_form which is in mgm_form_functions. If fetches the main registration fields using: $register_fields = mgm_get_config(‘default_register_fields’,array()); [fields such as username, email address] and the custom ones […]