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  • General Election – What would it be under PR?

    With the UK 2010 General Election now finished (with 649 of the 650 seats declared – “Thirsk and Malton” is delayed until the 27th of May due to a candidate’s death), we official have a “Hung Parliament” which means no single party has an overall majority (326 is the number needed). The two major parties, […]

  • Politics: General Election – my thoughts

    I think, that in this weeks General Election, the following events will happen: * There will be a hung parliament * The Conservative party will have the most MPs (less than a 100 needed to form a majority government) * If the Conservatives are short by less than 50 seats, they will try to form […]

  • Poitics: My thoughts on prison overcrowding

    This post was inspired by one of Votematch’s questions which was “New prisons need to be built to ease overcrowding (Crime and Justice)”. Here’s who agreed and disagreed with the statement: Me UKIP BNP LibDems Conservatives Green Labour Agree Disagree Disagree Agree Disagree Agree Open-minded Current prisons are overcrowded (“two to a cell designed for […]

  • Poitics: My thoughts on the UK’s nuclear weapons

    My thoughts on nuclear weapons and the UK’s Trident missile programme

  • Politics: Response from LibDems on “Stop the war”

    On the 19th of April (3 days ago), I wrote to Rachel Joyce (of the Conservative Party), Gareth Thomas (of the Labour Party) and Christopher Noyce (of the Liberal Democrats) via Stop The War Coalition as they are candidates for the Harrow West constituency for the General Election 2010. I could not email Rowan Langley […]