Month: April 2010

  • Doctor Who: The Musical

    Doctor Who the musical

  • Life: Which country am I in?

    Today whilst filing my annual return for Companies House, I was asked to select my Country/State of residence (because, you know, having a UK company listed on the England/Wales Companies House with a registered address in the UK and my service address being in the UK wasn’t enough of a giveaway). Not a problem thought […]

  • Poitics: My thoughts on prison overcrowding

    This post was inspired by one of Votematch’s questions which was “New prisons need to be built to ease overcrowding (Crime and Justice)”. Here’s who agreed and disagreed with the statement: Me UKIP BNP LibDems Conservatives Green Labour Agree Disagree Disagree Agree Disagree Agree Open-minded Current prisons are overcrowded (“two to a cell designed for […]

  • Poitics: My thoughts on the UK’s nuclear weapons

    My thoughts on nuclear weapons and the UK’s Trident missile programme

  • TV: BBC Apologies for Graham Norton IPP in Doctor Who

    Last night, myself and many others had our experience of Doctor Who interrupted due to an “In-Programme Promotion” for Graham Norton’s “Over The Rainbow” which followed Doctor Who. The BBC has, via their news site, released an apology headed “Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow” which said: Thousands of Doctor Who […]