Month: June 2009

  • YouTube: Japanese Queen

    In another shameless Japanese-orientated post stealing from Accordion Guy, here’s a Queen Medley (entitled “Joousama Monogatari” by the Japanese group Joousama): In order, the songs (if you don’t recognise them) are: Bohemian Rhapsody Bicycle Race Killer Queen Flash Gordon We Will Rock You Another One Bites the Dust A Crazy Little Thing Called Love We […]

  • Tech: Apple iPhone 3Gs in the UK

    Well, the Apple iPhone 3GS (3G Speed) has been announced on at the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) and thanks to O2 on Twitter, here’s the key points for UK people wanting the iPhone: The 3GS be available on the O2 Mobile Phone Network in the UK on the 19th of June The 16Gb version […]

  • cPanel: Error: Package system can not be repaired automatically

    If, like myself, you have recently upgraded the cPanel control panel system on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 server and received the error message “Error: Package system can not be repaired automatically” when upgrading Apache, then it’s probably caused by a problem with either the RedHat Package Manager (RPM) or YUM. To fix it, […]

  • Net: Ensuring the future of Food in Japan

    Here’s a video I’ve just found via “The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st century” detailing that Japan imports 60% of its food (one of the lowest amongst developed nations) and that the Japanese diet has gone from rice, fish and vegetables to “meat, fat and oil” (mmm, oil!). The video proposes that the […]