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Web site owners: Please make field limits clear!

I’ve just had a small issue with Twitter and I tried to contact them via their Help section and filled in their form giving the following information in the description box:

I’m unable to add our office phone number for our business to our account. Whenever I try adding UK (+44) 3333xxxxxx (or as 03333xxxxxx), I get the “We cannot send a text message to this phone number because its operator is not supported.” message. Is there any non-text way of verifying a number. If you only support text/SMS enabled numbers, can it be made clear?

A short while ago, I was receiving the “Please enter a valid phone number.” message for this number which was odd.

Only for it to be blocked by Twitter’s front end with the message “Text.ProblemDescription Too long. 240 character limits”. If there is a limit on the number of characters allow in a field, please please please make it clear before people enter. I know Twitter has experience of a “character counting bar” – you could implement that on the help site!

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