Month: January 2016

  • [Personal] Turns out I didn’t actually need a new NAS

    On Friday, I (well, the company), purchased a brand new Synology DS1815+ 8 Bay Desktop NAS (Network Attached Storage) device as the 4-bay Drobo (non-networked) storage device we were using for backups/file storage just seemed to be eating through hard drives – every few months, a red light would appear next to a drive and […]

  • [Techy] Directly connecting a NAS to a Windows 7 machine

    I’ve just purchased a Synology DS1815+ 8 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure (Network Attached Storage) device to replace an ageing 4-bay Drobo non-NAS device (well, I made it a NAS via a RaspberryPi) and I’ve started to transfer data across to it. However, despite the fact it is sitting next to my Windows 7 Professional machine, […]

  • Plans for 2016

    Well, here’s my plans for 2016 – let’s see what works out. Blog more. In 2015, I made just 4 blog posts which is a bit crap and I want to address that and provide more high quality content which leads me on to… Aim to release a substantial bit of free open-source content at […]

  • Quick review of 2015

    Well, 2015 happened. For us, it was quite a mixed bag. Good news was that in May, we managed to purchase a house instead of renting (after 7 years) and in July we added a little friend to our family – Max the chihuahua. The bad news front was that in September our cat was […]