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Category: Life: Personal

Personal: Pottering around with chocolate

Word of advice, if you decide to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets at night (movie review coming later if I feel like it) – DO NOT decide to consume a 300g bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut chocolate bar at the same time. You’ll regret it in the morning if my experience is anything to go by.

Why so much choccy? Well, I’m no chocaholic, but my local Jacksons store had 2x200g Cadbury’s Diary Milk and/or Fruit and Nut bars on special offer – at 89p for the two. And the bars are “50%” extra free – taking it up to 600g (over half-a-kilogram) of chocolate for under a quid! Droolll….

Personal: Too tired

Blarg! I was planning on actually going “out on the town” tonight, but since it’s now 10.15pm and I’m still in my dressing gown I think it’s doubtful that I’m going out now. To think, I was awake around 8am this morning after having a couple of slightly strange dreams (one about a possible horror movie theme and the other about a new lift/elevator design: don’t ask!), but after having pancakes for lunch I thought “Hmm, I’ll go out tonight and I may need my energy”. So I set the alarm on my phone for 4.30pm and went back to bed around 2.30pm: good two hours sleep so I thought.

Westlife - Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits
Well…then a friend sent me a couple of emails to one of my HotMail accounts – which sent an alert SMS text messages to my phone – briefly waking me up, and then my Mum called asking if I could add the Westlife – Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits album to my already large order. Now it’s 3pm so I decide to set my alarm for 5pm. I set it, double-check it (yep, “Alarm is set”, yep time is 5_pm_) and head back to dreamland. 9pm I wake up with no recollection of my phone alarm going off. Ooops!

Oh well, such is life I suppose. I’m not sure whether to continue writing some PHP code (I was considering watching Have I Got News For You, but it isn’t on tonight due to yesterday being Children In Need night), watch a video, read a book or just go back to bed… The plan for tomorrow is to tidy the house a bit, call my GESF, maybe call my ex-fiancee (I’ve heard she’s been asking about me) and prepare to go to Karaoke on Monday night (as it’s been nearly a fortnight since I got those flowers from “Kim” and I’ve heard nothing from her since and Monday night it, IMHO, my best chance of bumping into her).

Personal: Mortgage Increase

This morning I had a letter from my mortgage company Abbey National informing me that due to change of “rate of interest applicable to your standard variable rate loans”, I will now be paying more for my mortgage. How much more? Erm, 1p per month! (That’s $0.02 USD or 0.02Euros). This is in a letter sent to me by first class post at 27p (around 0.42 USD/Euros: I’ll just call them “euro-dollars from now on, it’ll probably be easier 🙂 ).

Ok, since the Abbey are a big user of the postal service they probably have a bulk-users discount – but if we assume 24p: it still means that for the next two years I’ll be paying them that little bit of extra money just for the letter. I should really write to them and say “Next time, don’t bother telling me – and take the amount you saved off my mortgage”. 🙂 The mind boggles sometimes….

Personal: Life can be cruel+Dublin notes

I managed to get to sleep around 5.30am yesterday morning. Not good. And today, I swear everything I watch on TV is intent on reminding me of my ex-fiancee.

Tried contacting her to give her my congratulations, but “The mobile phone you are calling is switched off”. Oh well. Also tried calling Kim again, but still getting the “We are unable to connect your call”. Blarg. Oh, and my “southern green eyed” friend returned my call and told me all about Ireland.