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November 22nd, 2002 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

I decided to go out “on the town” last night – first time in ages. Headed into town and first popped into McDonalds for a quick snack: a Big Mac meal with coke with a free Big Mac (as I’ve recently received my McDonald’s Advantage Card).

I then headed down to the pub and go there around 6.20pm. Had my usual drink (double whiskies and cokes btw 😉 ) and started chatting to the folks there. Turns out it’s the main DJ’s (Cassie) last night there for a week – she’s heading off on holiday to Gloucester (I think she said). There was quite some cheesy pop being played (practically all the “early Kylie” songs such as the Locomotion – the “sad” thing is, I’ve got all of them on audio and video!). She also played Shania Twain‘s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” which reminded me of when I used to work with my ex-fiancee (as it was being played on Liquid News on the BBC News 24 Breakfast slot when we started to date).

I had a natter with quite a few people and Cassie made a few jokes (not about me for a change 🙂 ). Yes, they were funny – but shall we just say that she’s renowned for being able to insult anybody: black, white, short, tall, fat, thin, straight, gay, able-body or disabled – can it really be said that you discriminate if you take the p-ss out of everyone equally? She did crack a joke about Helen Keller (the American blind, deaf and dumb girl) which was in a bit poor taste, but she did make another joke which the entire pub enjoyed a bit more:

Q:Why did the two American Siamese twins come over to the UK?
A: So the other one could have a drive

(if you don’t get it, and jokes are never any good if you have to explain them, then realise that the Americans drive on the right hand side of the road, yet us Brits drive on the correct side).

She also played Sparkling Diamonds (by Nicole Kidman off the Moulin Rouge soundtrack) but after the singer calls out “Tiffany”, Cassie called out “Bianca“, which got us all laughing again. That was followed by the “Original Cast Recording (Broadway)” of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago and a bit later on by B*Witched‘s rendition of the ABBA song “Does Your Mother Know“. A good variation of music in other words. The reason I mentioned the above tracks is because I quite liked them, but thanks to my mobile phone and Shazam, I managed to find out what Cassie was playing and find the songs in my comprehensive collection at home. So, no prizes for guessing what I’ve been listening to all day today 🙂

I had a couple more drinks, then popped and grabbed a bit more cash, came back and then just had 2 pints of StrongBow cider before I headed home (oh, after popping back into McDonalds to pick up a double-cheese burger that I got free with my drink when I was in there earlier on).

In the morning, I remembered what a hangover is like. It’s been ages since I’ve been drinking – usually I can drink quite a bit more than I did, but obviously my “alcohol tolerance level” has decreased due to lack of drinking recently. I wasn’t “drunk drunk”, but just merry and totally in control of myself (well, apart from falling asleep on my bed fully clothed – outdoor jacket ‘n’ all!).

All in all, not a bad night. It’s now 7pm and I’m not sure if I’m going to go out tonight or not – after all, I did want to stay in and watch Wobble and Bob didn’t I? (plus I’ve still got that Harry Potter review to do and an update on the recent events concerning my “pet spammer” Jerry…)

We’ll see…

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  1. Kady says:

    Read your journal richy and im upset that you havent got in contact with me. I have been trying to reach you but no success nor any luck what so ever. So this is my last way of trying to get a hold of you. If i dont here from you by next week. i’ll just have to talk to you when I can find the time.
    ps. H says hello and she is gettin bigger each day.

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