Month: November 2002

  • Net: Who Owns What?

    I’ve had bookmarked/hot-listed for some time the Who Owns What page which details what other companies certain large megalomaniac companies own. Whilst it is mainly US Media orientated companies (and therefore doesn’t list the companies owned by Microsoft) – it does reveal some interesting things. Did you know that AOL TimeWarner (the owners of Warner […]

  • Blog: Validation and checking

    “Prodded” into action by Neil’s observation that the W3C Validation service now supports a wider range of DTDs and has a slightly-niftier looking interface AND David Brake blogging about the “Xenu’s Link Sleuth” (and, yep, the Xenu is a reference to a certain organisation which claims to be a religion), I’ve decided to just check […]

  • Games: Pong and Pong and Pong

    Wow! There seems to be quite a few sites about Pong out there! There’s the previously mentioned game of Radial Pong, this fancy Flash movie about Pong not just being a game (and how those bats are really controlled), a quite infuriating and difficult Shockwave game of 3D Pong (I managed a final “high” score […]

  • Life: Monday night drunkedness

    Right, I’ve been meaning to do this all week – but I’ve only now really just got the time and the inclination to blog about Monday night. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but since they don’t let me out much 😉 I thought I may as well write a little summary of that night. Oh, I […]

  • Net: Slashdot dupes!

    Ok, I know today (well, November 28th) is the American Thanksgiving Day Holiday, but that is no reason for Slashdot to have so many duplicate stories. They’ve had “When Personalization Runs Amuck” (posted at 7:25pm) which was a repeat of “When Profiling Goes Wrong” from 4:36pm on November 26 (both about the same article on […]

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