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[Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps]Right, I’ve been meaning to do this all week – but I’ve only now really just got the time and the inclination to blog about Monday night. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but since they don’t let me out much 😉 I thought I may as well write a little summary of that night.

Oh, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go out or not, but then the barman/owner text messaged me/SMSed me asking for recommendation of sources of Karaoke tracks. I texted him back with a couple of short recommendations and then burnt a couple of CDRs with a few tracks I had lying around. I was quite surprised as last time I tried burning anything, I just kept on getting failed CDs (after 8 of them, I gave up and put it down to a drive fault).

So I decided to go out. I went to catch the bus into town (why pay for a taxi if you can help it?): but I missed the bus by around 2 minutes. Yep, I still don’t know the late night bus time tables around here (the First Leicester website doesn’t help by just saying the bus is every 30 minutes) – so I ended up walking into town. Just as I got into town, the following bus passed me: so no time difference between me walking and catching the bus, I saved money (ok, 75p) AND I got some exercise…

I then tried to pop into McDonalds on the way to the pub, but I was astonished to find it closed at 7pm (although it redirected people to the Shires Shopping Centre branch). I got to the pub around 8pm.

Normally, at 8pm, the Karaoke is well underway on a Monday night – but with the main DJ being on vacation things would be slightly different. I ordered by usual double-whisky and Coke (ok, it was technically Pepsi but…) from Dave (the barman) and chatted with a few people. Gav came downstairs and said that they were expecting 4 replacement hosts from Nottingham to do the Karaoke, but they still hadn’t turned up. At 9.10pm, he decided to start the Karaoke himself (after I had had another drink of whisky and coke at £2.50 – and then a pint of Pepsi: at £2 *shock*).

More people started coming in – and here’s the slightly strange thing. I was just looking around and I saw Jen sitting in the corner with a few of her friends and I just had the strangest feeling to try and give Kim‘s mobile phone another call: and lo and behold it rang! And it rang. And it rang. Then it cut out with the message “Number not answering”. Drat. I tried calling back and got the “It has not been possible to connect your call” message. I did then go up to Jen and ask if she knew a Kim – and she did know “a long dark haired girl”. Unfortunately, Chris had previously described a Kim as a “short spiky haired girl” – so it looks like this Kim may remain a mystery to me for some time.

Then a couple of the hosts from Nottingham rolled in as I was having a pint of Strongbow. I had seen them on Cassie’s leaving do, but this time we actually talked a little bit. Nikki introduced me to Hoochie who was practically the spitting image of Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps!

I gave the CDs I had done to Chris and he went upstairs to the backroom to check them. He came back down and thanked me, and said the track of Coco Lee singing “Mirror Mirror On The Wall” would be ideal for a semi-Asian themed night he’s starting on Saturdays. I then thought I’d get up and sing Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” (as I know how it goes), so I put in my request to Gav and then had a double-shot of Absinthe to “steady my nerves”. I continued to drink my second pint of Strongbow whilst I waited for my turn to come (Jen’s rendition of “Crazy For Loving You” was quite good!).

Then an old friend called so I had to go outside to talk on my phone. After a quite long chat, I got back inside and due to a few things that were said, I decided to have a pint of Strongbow with another double-shot of Absinthe (it came to £6.50 – when the bottle of French Absinthe I have at home only cost around £15!)

By now, I thought I was getting a bit tipsy (and it was getting quite close to closing time – it was 10.30pm) so I asked Gav to cancel my request. I finished my pint, said goodbye to everyone, walked part way home and then managed to flag down a taxi (I’m not quite sure exactly where I managed to do that, but I do know I got in the right hand side of the taxi). Got home, went upstairs and instantly fell asleep until the morning (well, apart from a brief visit to the lavatory – but that just proves what too much alcohol and mixing your drinks does to you!).

I didn’t plan to get drunk, but to sing – if only Gav had started Karaoke a bit sooner then… 🙂

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