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Personal: Life can be cruel+Dublin notes

I managed to get to sleep around 5.30am yesterday morning. Not good. And today, I swear everything I watch on TV is intent on reminding me of my ex-fiancee.

Tried contacting her to give her my congratulations, but “The mobile phone you are calling is switched off”. Oh well. Also tried calling Kim again, but still getting the “We are unable to connect your call”. Blarg. Oh, and my “southern green eyed” friend returned my call and told me all about Ireland.

Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network had a space squid going to give birth (don’t ask!), then I caught part of 2 point 4 children on UK Gold where Bill receives a chain letter from Rhonda who just sent them on because she wants a kid, and My Family on BBC 1 mentioned sprogs. Just -o’ds law really: you don’t want to think about a particular subject, and it seems like everything reminds you of it.

Ardal O' Hanlon
Around 9o’clock, my green-eyed southern friend (GESF) called me back (I did try calling her around 8ish, but she was at ballroom dancing so I just got her answerphone). Sounds like she (and her flat mate) really enjoyed their time in Dublin – they saw Ardal O’Hanlon (aka Father Dougal McGuire from Father Ted and George Sunday/Thermoman from ‘My Hero’) in ‘See you next Tuesday’ at The Gate Theatre. They also went around Christ Church where they saw the crypts and a few Mummified remains (that her flat mate touched).

They also saw the history of Ireland, the Wax Museum and Number 29 Fitzwilliam Square (an 18th century townhouse that looks like a typical home between 1790 and 1820). All in all, it sounds like they really enjoyed themselves (plus I think my GESF needs to learn to take breaths – I swear she re-countered all 4 days in one breath lasting around 10 minutes or so! LOL). She was quite surprised at me receiving the flowers, but said it’s definitely not her as she would have sent a death threat (“wouldn’t be so easily forgotten and would have more of an emotional impact”!) – and, whilst I did mention about my ex-fiancee expecting, she was kind and considerate enough the think how I might have strange feelings about it and changed the subject. I do like her (GESF) loads, but I would rather have her as a friend than risk losing her altogether..