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Work: Knackering…

Many thanks for the two people who said “Happy Sys Admin Day” to me today (cheers Neil!): I wasn’t too sure about it myself as when I received the first one (around 10am), there wasn’t any “news” about it on Le Reg or Slashdot…

Anyway, I just needed something to perk me up. Work’s been extremely busy (we’re expanding into a new office which I had to help setup today: and we’re keeping old office as well as we just need double the space), but I’m absolutely knackered. We’ve got a brand new “product range” in the hosting arena launching on Monday (brand new=not offered anywhere else in the world to my knowledge) which I’ve had to develop practically from the ground up-along with all my other work: this week, I’ve done 32 hours overtime in the office (plus, when I get home, I’m usually checking the servers, testing things etc etc and basically being on 24/7 call in case of emergencies – luckily this week has been reasonably quiet on that front).

What’s the new product range? Well, keep an eye out for the press release that’s going to around 12,000 journalists and news organisations on Monday – complete with my name as the Chief Technical Officer (or something like that): yeh, swish title innit 😉

I’ve just been so busy the past few months with things like this (we’ve practically tripled our customer base since last year, but staffing levels have been roughly the same), so that’s why I haven’t had any time at all to blog (get up 8am, be at work for 9am, leave work 11/11.30pm, get home midnight [having to walk home as no buses that late], have a very quick snack, check servers, go to bed around 1am to be up at 8am…). However, the very fancy stuff we’ve been able to come up with at work is kinda making up for it: we’ve got a good system in place where ideas are bounced off around 3 of us, opinions taken from others and then the original 3 work out roughly what’s needed and then get it implemented: technical side me, design work SS and everything else my manager.

Once the new service has “bedded in”, I’m hoping to be able to retrospectively port some of the “fancy options” to our existing hosting clients, so fingers crossed.

$DEITY only knows why I felt like blogging tonight, but hey – I’m extremely tired and I just can’t be bothered moving the 7ft to my bed, but if I just “sit here”, I’ll get bored, even though I want to sleep… Blarg 🙁

[this post brought to you via Mozilla Firefox: which I’m using at work and home 99% of the time: IE just really for testing purposes… Which reminds me – anybody else having problems logging into Paypal with Firefox?]

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  1. No problem 🙂 . Glad to know everything’s okay, if a little hectic at your end.

    Never had any problems with Paypal and Firefox. In fact, as Firefox and Paypal support 256-bit AES encryption, in theory Paypal is more secure in Firefox than in IE 🙂

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