Month: May 2007

  • Fun: Jim Jam Jelly…..

    From the producers of the Singing Kittens – there is now The Jelly Song – extremely funny (even without the visuals) and catchy… Worth a watch. And whilst on the subject of Jelly, the new Skoda Fabia advert (watch it after the fold) is fascinating: a car baked out of ingrediants (there’s also the making […]

  • Whale Meet Culture

    Following on from the previous Difference Between East And West post, the BBC News has an article about whale meat – cruelty and the kitchen and states “Whale meat was not everywhere…but in every city I visited I came across at least one restaurant which served it in some form.” I must admit, I didn’t […]

  • Difference between East and West

    As a visitor to Japan, I know there are a number of cultural differences – but IPWalk has a picture comparing the differences between the home pages of one of the largest “Western” web hosting companies (1and1) and the largest Japanese web hosting provider – Lolipop: and the difference are astounding…. Take a look yourself.

  • Spiderman 3

    Yesterday I watched SpiderMan 3 with my other half and I must admit it did seem a bit “not good”. The opening credits were good – giving you a quick refresher of the previous two films, but then it was very slow going and some bits were just irrelevant (how “important” was it that we […]

  • Star Wars virginity

    This story on BBC news reminds me of my situation just a few months ago when I was a Star Wars virgin. Yep, until November time I hadn’t watched more than just a few minutes of Star Wars – but my other half made me watch it and like the guy in the BBC article, […]