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Category: Drunken Ramblings

Drunk: Light or Dark Bulbs?

Light bulbs are not actually “light bulbs” but dark absorbers. When you turn them on, they suck the dark out of the room. You can prove this by holding your hand under a “light bulb”. The dark will stack up under your hand where its path to the absorber is blocked by your hand. When they quit working and turn a dark color, it’s not because they burnt out, it’s because they’re full.

Drunken Ramblings: BBC News Lead Story

Just watching the BBC 10 O’Clock News on BBC 1, and their lead (10minute) story was the fact that Rupert Murdoch may not support Tony Blair and the Labour Party on the run up on the next election. However, he has not said he will not support them, nor has he said that he will support the Conservative Party (the “Tories”): just that his support may not be necessarily relied on by Tony Blair (watch the RealMedia interview)

In other words – a non-story: nothing really interesting happened but quite a few plugs for Sky Broadcasting (or, as it should be called, BSkyB or, as it’s parent corporation is better known Stateside “Fox Corporation Inc”).

So why report on such a non-story? I’ve got no idea: but did you know that the BBC and Sky Broadcasting are partners in the “Freeview” Digital Broadcasting venture… Hmmm, I’m not saying the BBC may be “grovelling” or bias, but I might just possible be thinking it – but you can’t rely on it 😉