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Month: March 2004

Drunken: My head’s a spinning

Like a whirl pool it never ends…

Make note: drinking a whole bottle of whiskey in a night is a good way of getting blotted.

Make note: making an auto-server install/setup script is a good idea to do (as it’ll save oodles of time later)

Make note: Not good idea mixing the above two notes at the same time.

I want to petition for an 8 day week (3 day weekend) so I have some spare time!

Drunk: Light or Dark Bulbs?

Light bulbs are not actually “light bulbs” but dark absorbers. When you turn them on, they suck the dark out of the room. You can prove this by holding your hand under a “light bulb”. The dark will stack up under your hand where its path to the absorber is blocked by your hand. When they quit working and turn a dark color, it’s not because they burnt out, it’s because they’re full.