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Drunken: P—d off

I’m reasonably drunk and I’m p—d off at stuff. Don’t bother reading this entry as I’m just letting off steam…

Finish “proper work” at 5.30pm, decide to stay on to try and make further inroads into new project.

Phone rings – customer enquiring about a merchant account (which we don’t provide). Query if its actually about a payment, she’s not sure. Ask her to open a ticket on our new helpdesk so can deal with in the morning.

Try and get back to coding. Tech support line rings. I ignore (lines closed at 5.30pm). Rings again. And again. Unplug phone. Woman (merchant account) woman opens a technical support ticket. Then opens a sales ticket. I respond giving her payment login details. I replug tech support phone.

She opens another sales ticket. And another technical support ticket. Tech support rings again. I ignore and unplug. I merge her tickets and respond that we don’t provide merchant accounts.

Make coffee to clear head so I can get head around strange strange coding (integrating PHP, MySQL, email, GPG, set formats, possibly unset formats – blarg!) and start MP3 player. Woman opens two more tickets. I respond asking her not to open more tickets and that she needs to actually get a merchant account from somebody that provides them.

MP3 player decides not to play the one track I want so I force it and try and clear my head a little by reading some of the paper and I replug tech support. It rings.

Customer complains that I suspended their site for sending out spam and should have notified them before hand. Only email address we had was at the site sending spam and it’s taken them a week to realise their site was suspended. I respond. Woman opens ANOTHER ticket – address to sales department and asking about email configuration (which is detailed in welcome email, knowledgebase – which our helpdesk parses when the ticket is opened so she had the answer in front of her, the tutorials we provide, the documentation in her control panel AND on the Mail section of her control panel). I ignore (sales department is open 9am to 5.30pm).

Realise it’s 9pm and I’ve only managed to write a dozen lines of code which doesn’t do much (last night I was working on the code 5.30pm to 11.30pm and got loads done!). Bus due in 8 minutes. Call it a night. Replug tech support. Leave work.

Get 2 minutes away from work and realise I left my wallet on my desk. STUPID ME!. Oh well, walk home (which I tend to do at least once a week anyway – so no big effort) and have to hope I have money at home for bus in morning. Start walking home and think I’ll listen to MP3 player.

Start untangling headphones (realise I’ve got two sets of headphones tangled in my MP3 cord: WTF?), get them half untangled and then (around 5minutes from work) realise my MP3 player isn’t in its holder (which I’ve been twisting and turning to get the headphones out). Dropped my Mp3 player? 🙁
Walk back towards work whilst continuing to untangle headphones whilst slowly scanning floor, bush side and road side for MP3 player. Can’t see it. Get back to work. Did I leave it inside? I have memories of thinking of removing it from the holder to make the untangling easier – but then again, I have memories of picking up my wallet…

Suspect I’ve probably left MP3 player plugged into PC at work. Problem: You need a) keys, b) the keycode and c) a swipecard to get back into the building “after hours”. I have a and b but not c (a swipecard). 9.10pm – no other fool is still in the building.

I manage to get in the building despite not having everything I need to get into the building (and proving the old adage “if you know a system well enough, you can bypass the security”). Get into the office after turning back on all the lights. Find MP3 player still plugging into machine. Find wallet. Leave work for the second time.

Get to bus stop just after second bus leaves. Got 20 minute wait for 3rd bus since I first left work. Go McDonalds for quick burger. Read interesting article in Express paper there which I try and memorise the company involved. Go shopping and buy drink. Get home. Try and remember company involved in Express article. Can’t. Get drunk. Write blog post to try and calm down ready for sleep. Realise if I have comments open, I’ll get spammed (as I *still* haven’t upgraded to MT3 or install MT-Blacklist yet).

Blarg 🙁

Can’t even be a–sed to spell check this entry. I did tell you not to bother reading it!

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