Month: April 2009

  • Techy: Token Authentication instead of passwords

    Should one time passwords (OTP) offered by hardware tokens be offered as a “single password” option or should they only be used in two-factor authentication?

  • News: Well Done Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick

    If you’ve been even slightly following the news, you might have read that “Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick” made a security blunder on Wednesday the 8th of April by accidentally exposing a “Secret” document to Downing Street photographers (technically a breach of the Official Secrets Act). However, he has done the […]

  • Snippet: Adding ISOs to XenCenter

    Here’s just a reminder incase I forget/lose how to add ISO (DVD/CD images) to Citrix’s/XenSource’s XenCenter/Xen virtualisation software. Do NOT copy (from XenSource 5.0+ above) the ISOs to /opt/xensource/packages/iso as this directory is now reserved for “built-in ISO” images – you’ll need to follow these steps instead: From To use local ISO storage from […]