Month: June 2010

  • Request Tracker (RT) and Google Apps

    If you are trying to setup Best Practical’s Request Tracker (RT) system (originally written by Jesse Vincent, but I more associate Dave Rolsky with it), to work with a Google Apps hosted domain (so you have Google Mail/Gmail for your domain), you may find the following useful. First of all, install “rt” on your Linux […]

  • Too many good ideas

    Dammit, I’ve had an idea for a really good service/website, but I haven’t got the time (nor the money) to invest in it to get it built: which is a shame as I think it’ll be brilliant and a godsend to many people. Why can’t I win the lottery so I can help make the […]

  • Memories…or how I learnt new names for old products

    I have memories of eating Marathon chocolate bars (now Snickers) or sucking on Opal Fruits (now Starbursts) and then cleaning up using Jif cream (now Cif) and Bounty towels (now Plenty). Now wonder my memory seems to be going – history is being re-written… Incidentally, and what sparked this post off, is that “Bounty” have […]