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Fun: Even More Lego!

December 8th, 2002

[A scene from the Lego Bible]Drat! I really really thought I had already covered all the fun and weird Lego stuff on the ‘net – but obviously I was wrong. Not only have the little men built a computer, smoked illegal substances, stared in various movies, constructed some of M.C.Escher’s pictures, but they’ve also:

Oh, there’s also a collection of various Brickshelf pictures out there as well (the Lord Of The Rings tribute is good!). Don’t forget, if you want to start building you own Lego models (maybe using the LDraw format), you can order Lego via or, if you are after specific blocks, then BrickLink could be your friend….

Now I’ll try and avoid mentioning the L— word until at least next year 🙂

Net: Friday Group Therapy: Instant Messaging

December 8th, 2002

[Trillian]Via Midnight Bliss’ entry, I’ve come across the Friday Group Therapy entry about Instant Messaging services, so I thought I’d answer the 7 questions myself:

1. Do you use an Instant Messaging service? (Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, ICQ, etc…) What function does it serve for you?
I use Trillian, although I do have Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN and ICQ installed. I’m usually logged into them all 24/7 (thanks to Trillian: but that doesn’t mean I’m at the computer or wanting to chat) – occasionally I also poke my head into various IRC channels as well.
The function? Erm, keep up to date with friends, ‘talk’ with clients, and to be able to consult with people knowledgeable about certain areas “in real time”.
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Life: Ebay Sale: 35 Pop CD’s

December 8th, 2002

[Updated: 24/Dec/2002 00:35: The CDs were sold for £22.35 all inclusive. The cheque is waiting at the bank to be cleared and I’ll send them all off as soon as the post offices reopen]

I’ve decided to clear out some of my music collection and sell it via Ebay. If you are looking for brand-artist name singles to help build, complete or start a pop collection then head on over to Ebay and check the list! Auction closes on the 18th of December…

With a reserve price of just £11 for 35 CDs: how can you miss such a bargin – especially with payment being accepted via Paypal, cheque, postal order or banker’s draft? UK posting and packaging is just £3.54!

All 35 original CD’s come in their original packaging/case – with a few including posters and ‘reader survey cards’. A number of the CDs also have bonus tracks.
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