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Personal: Thoughts about my GESF

December 16th, 2002

[Someone Likes You At Desk]*sigh* I’ve just been speaking on the phone to my GESF (Green-Eyed Southern Friend: see previous entries). Second time in two days and fourth or fifth time in a week. She really knows how to brighten my day – I just called her to see how she got on earlier today (she had to go for a Doctors checkup) and we chatted for around 30 minutes or so (yesterday we talked for around an hour). I was laughing most of the time at the things she was coming out with.

At one point I managed to steer the conversation over to the emails I’ve had from A bit of background about SLY (good acronym really 🙂 ) As detailed elsewhere on the net, this service works by you entering basic details about yourself (name, age, hair colour/color, eye colour, email address) and then 5 email addresses of your friends who you have a “crush” (yuck!) on. They then get an email pointing them towards the site and have to enter in 5 email addresses of people that they think may have a crush on them – and so on. After entering 5 email addresses in, they get 1 clue – another 5 and another clue and so forth.

SLY therefore gets a whole heap of marketing data and a list of verified email addresses (as they send the emails to your potential “crushes” before giving you your clue: if the email bounces, you don’t get your clue). Very “spammy” way of doing business…

What’s this to do with my GESF – well, let me explain…
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Game: All Look The Same?

December 16th, 2002

[All Look The Same]I’m aware of a long standing “joke” that all Chinese, Japanese and Korean people look the same. But how alike are they really?

Well, know you can find out thanks to All Look Same (and just try not to say that in an Chinese or Japanese fake accent: especially when an entry on the page starts with “Gleetings” – sorry, “Greetings”). Just pop over there and then entry the All Look Same Competition (you only need to give a username/identifier, age, country and gender: don’t bother with your email address) and you’ll be able to “guess the race” of 18 people.

I only got 3 right.

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