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Personal: Crimbo Shopping

December 18th, 2002

[Leicester Clock Tower at Christmas]I’m glad Christmas only comes once a year! I’ve just finished off my Christmas shopping today and it was tiring to say the least. I had brought most things from Amazon at the end of last month (involving a total of 5 deliveries!), but I still had a get a couple of little somethings (mainly for my GESF and her flatmate).

Whilst Leicester town centre wasn’t too crowded, I did find some people annoying. My “normal walking speed” seems to be 50 to 100% faster than others, hence when I get stuck behind people and they just don’t move I get slightly annoyed. Oh – in the town centre, there’s a kinda “mini-theme park”: the standard “crane grab” machines, “hook a duck” and what’s termed a “Bungee Ride”. Basically you (and up to one other person) sits in this cage and it fires you up into the air (over 60ft) at over 8G’s. Wow! I didn’t have a go as I needed to do some shopping…

Anyway, after having a turkey lunch in Woolworths (not too bad for £4.99), I then grabbed some more cash and went up to Boots to grab a few prezzies. I just hope my GESF and her flatmate like them – the only thing is that due to how they “work” Christmas (they both go back to their individual parent’s houses), I’ve got to ensure the prezzies get there before Sunday. If I send them recorded post tomorrow morning then they should (fingers crossed) get to them on Friday…

I grabbed a few other things, grabbed a paper and then popped along to Maplins to look at a couple of prices. My printer (HP Deskjet 845C) ran out of blank ink late last week (so much for the “running low” warnings) and I had just used my final CD-R (around 60% from a batch were fault 🙁 ), so I needed to grab those. Maplins price for a black ink cartridge (HP order code 15) was £24.99 and a “cake” of 50 CD-Rs (without cases) was £19.99. Not too bad, but I thought since D.A.Computers was just over the road, I’ll pop into there to compare prices (as I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 10 years, been ‘aware’ of them for around 15 – and, in fact, brought my monitor, current computer and printer from them). Their prices? £22.33 for the ink cartridge and £18.22 for a cake of 50 80-minute CD-Rs.

Well, now I’ve just got to wrap everything up and get it ready for posting…*grr* I hate wrapping as well 🙁 Oh well – “Hi Ho, Hi Ho – it’s off to flibblepenguin we go…”

Spam: SpamCop Statistics: A Month On

December 18th, 2002

[Spamcop]Well, it’s now been a month since I commenced reporting a selection of my spam to Spamcop (see the results of my first week reporting).

My spam levels have been quivering between only about a dozen a day (usually at weekends) to the deluge I got yesterday of around 800 🙁 I tend to report each “unique” message to Spamcop (selected on the criteria of “To:” address and “Subject:” being different from the spam I have in my mailbox at that time – some spammers send around 20 mails to the same address with the same subject: only one of those gets reported).

Ok, a month and a day ago (yep, I should have done this entry yesterday) I purchased 25Mb of “Spamcop reporting” (paying for membership just adds a few fancy things such as ‘past reports’ and ‘amount of spam reported’ – it also removes a few ads and the “parse” time delay). I now have just 10.3Mb left. Yep – in a month, I’ve reported just under 15Mb of spam. My “average usage rate” is 5.53bytes per second or 14.3Mb per month or a massive 174.4Mb per year (that’s an increase of 50.5Mb per year since 3 weeks ago).

At the moment, I seem to be reporting more like 10% of my spam to Spamcop – therefore I receive around 55.3bytes of spam EVERY SECOND: that’s 4.5Mb a day. A month, that’s 136Mb. So – therefore, I receive in the region of 1.63Gb of spam a year.

The good news is that after the well known spammer Alan Ralksy was featured on a Slashdot article (referring to a freep interview) several Slashdot visitors decided to “turn the tables” on him. They’ve signed him up with practically every form of “snail mail” to his home address of 6747 Minnow Pond Drive, West Bloomfield, Michigan, MI 48322, USA. Of course, the other Slashdotters were happy to hear this 🙂

Ralsky was actually sued by the Verizon company and is barred from sending their customers spam late in October… Ralsky doesn’t, however, seem too happy about people taking photographs of his house – Rich Clark has received some threatening phone calls within 24 hours of taking some quite nice photographs.

Oh – and AOL also won a spam case against the spammer outfit CN Productions and owner Jay Nelson.

Are the tables turning against the spammers after so long? I hope so…

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