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Personal: Christmas Cards

December 23rd, 2002

[Winnie The Pooh Christmas CardWell, Christmas is finally on it’s way! On Saturday, I received my first 3 Christmas cards: one from my Parents (which was a wide rectangular one with ‘beads’ and ‘cut-out’ effects on the front), one from my Uncle and Auntie and a quite cute Giraffe one from The Positive Internet Company (who also have a fun Shockwave Flash game where you’ve got to help a long-necked quadruped land on a ski-jump target with the help of a penguin and a buffalo).

This morning, I received two more cards – one very impersonal one from Telecity (the one from Positive Internet was ‘signed’ by all the staff there: the Telecity one didn’t even have a single human name on it) and the one sent to me by my GESF. It’s a very nice Winnie the Pooh card with Pooh and Piglet sitting in front of a Christmas tree with stars/snowflakes falling around them (it’s actually the picture for this blog entry: the text at the bottom says “little stars glow bright like candle light.”).

Only thing is, it was posted by First Class post last Monday (the 16th), actually postmarked 17th December (7pm) and arrived this morning – nearly a complete week after posting (since it wasn’t posted until around 3pm, but arrived around 8.30am). 7 days for a “First Class” item is currently the record – previously it was 6 days, but looking at an article on BBC News it appears that I’m not the only person that may be loosing faith in the British Royal Mail postal service (currently a monopoly here for “letters and small packages”).

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