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Personal: Extremely Busy+Job Vacancies

February 6th, 2003

[Busy]Like the Roger Hargreaves’ Mr.Men character “Mr. Busy” [Order from] , I’ve been extremely busy the last week and a bit and just haven’t had much time to my self – let alone enough spare time to make any blog entries. My “to do” list currently has “Redesign 4 websites, Design 1 website, Launch another website, convert a complex Perl+XML based script to PHP” and many other things on it – and that’s all in addition to my “normal” work load. It doesn’t help with it being so frigging cold at the moment – it’s currently -5° outside at the moment – that’s in Celsius/Centigrade (where 0 degrees is water freezing). If you are more used to to other scales – -5 C is approximately 268.1° Kelvin or even 23° F (Fahrenheit) if you are one of those strange people still using that temperature scale. It’s expected to rise to a maximum of +5 tomorrow (278.1 K/41 F) – but when I’ve got to walk to work, it’ll be more like 2° (again that’s 35.6°F or 275.1°K). We are having snow on a every-other-day to daily basis at the moment: there’s just a very light covering outside at this point, but Monday night it was really belting it down!

It didn’t really help when I got home from work today (I actually finished bang-on-time: yesterday I worked an extra 40 minutes to try and clear some of my backlog) and discovered that a ghost had turned my central heating thermostat down from 25 to around 8 (I think it’s in celsius, but I’ve never really checked). Ok – it was probably me turning it down sometime during the night (I actually was asleep at 7pm, woke up again around 11pm and then back to sleep around 11.30pm – hence why there were no blog entries for Tuesday) – but the house was still freezing! I ended up sticking the heating on high and sitting downstairs in front of the gas fire trying to keep warm (whilst reading 3 magazines that have arrived for me in the last 2 days and a 3 day old newspaper: hey, I’m trying to catch up with things!).

At one point my parents rang and I had a chat with them – I did initially think it was my GESF (green eyed southern friend), but it wasn’t to be. I haven’t spoken to her in ages: it’s not been intentional, but I just haven’t had the time to do so. I’ll try and call her tomorrow evening though (even though she’s dancing after work) as I really do miss her voice a bit and I just want to see how things are looking for a certain date next week. I’m currently in a half-mind whether or not to get her anything for Valentines Day: yes, I like her quite a bit, but I’m not sure how she feels about me and I don’t want to lose a good friend either… Decisions decisions. I suppose it doesn’t help having only spoken to her a couple of times this year so far – during December we were speaking to each other practically every other day!

Oh – I actually had a recruitment agency call me up yesterday (Tuesday) and leave a message for me: but I didn’t get a chance to call them back until today. They’ve found me a job. I can work at home (the company in question is, in fact, based in the North East of England, but allow telecommuting) and it’s a job as a search engine optimiser…

Yep, I’m already doing that exact same job and I only started 3 weeks ago – I like the job, the company, my co-workers (hell – even some of those people that pay our wages – ‘customers’ is the polite term I think) and I’m really getting into the swing of things so much that I’ve got no intentions to leave at all! Even though the job offer I received from the agency was quite a bit more than my current base salary (the offer was £25,000 per year – I’m on a bit less than that but with commission/bonus scheme). But if any body else is interested in it though, leave a comment (or send an email to seovacancy@[insert the URL of this blog – blog.beebware…. – here]: this email address will be deactivated on Saturday though) – and I’ll either give the agency your details or give you theirs. They are looking for someone really quick though so hurry. No, I don’t know which company it is but I know the techy jobmarket is only just making a come back so if anybody is interested…

I also know there’s a PHP programmer’s job available in the West Midlands (Dudley area) – again, drop a comment or email phpvacancy@[see above] and I’ll sort something out.

Blarg flibblepenguin! Is it really 1.41am on Thursday? Bed time for moi I think! ALLO!

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