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Snippet: Happy 18th Birthday Sister!

February 17th, 2003

*snippet* I’d just like to say Happy 18th Birthday to my youngest sister – it’s all downhill from now on 😉 Hope you like the presents and it was an very enjoyable meal (that my parents paid for: £160 for a total of six of us!). My two sisters talked more at that single 3.5hour meal (I’m not kidding!) than I think I’ve talked with all my co-workers since getting my new job: combination of my sisters being a pair of noisy bints (meant in a nice way of course) and my work colleagues being slightly more restrained (as in not needing a continues stream of conversation).

Couple of highlights… But I’ll blog about them tomorrow hopefully once a) my computer is running properly (it’s limping along somehow), b) I’ve had some sleep (I’ve eaten more in the last 24 hours than I have done in the previous week and I’m worn out), c) I’ve cleared my backlog of things to blog about (yep, I haven’t forgotten the next round of Guess That Movie – but if my computer crashes every time a moving image is shown: be it a copy of a VHS tape, a DVD or even a Flash animation – you can understand my problem).

Plus, I’ve got a few things to think about. I discussed my “new power generator” idea with my father yesterday and he couldn’t see a fault with it – now I’ve got to confirm that it is potentially viable and how much a prototype would cost to build (bearing in mind that if it works I can say goodbye to the electricity company, but if it fails – while, logically, it has to do – that’s money down the drain). I also need to think about a dream I had Friday or Saturday night – I try not to “read” too much into my dreams (mainly because if one hundredth of them came true, I’ll be scared), but this one’s just sticking with me for some reason. I’m not going into details as “a friend of a friend” could be reading this and hence it may get back to someone else – I know what I mean 😉


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