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Guess That Movie: LX: Aliens

June 13th, 2003

Guess That Movie Round 60Congratulations Jay on recognising that Guess That Movie round 59 was from the 1992 movie “Universal Solider” amazoncom:B00005O6Y3 .

Have a guess at this picture and see if you can recognise it – we’ve just 3 more images after this one before the “prize awarding” stage, so get the points in now! You never know, if you get enough points and consequently an Amazon gift voucher (free to all people getting at least 500 points!), you could buy me a present from my Amazon wish list for my 24th birthday on Sunday…

The rules again for new contestants: Just leave a comment with your name/alias, email address (for the prize givings) and the name of the movie you think this screen shot is taken from. If you guess that movie correctly, I’ll award you some points. Points start at 100 per image and decline over time (after the first 12 hours it goes down by 10 points, then down a further 10 points every 24hours after posting) – oh and wrong guesses have a 5 point penalty. But what good are points? Well, get 500 points and you can claim a £5 Amazon gift voucher/certificate for the Amazon store of your choice (£5 will be converted into the appropriate currency at the exchange rates displayed on at the time of claim) – so you can get free books, movies and music just by playing a simple FREE guessing game!

A: Aliens. Correctly guessed by Niall

Work: Problems and more problems

June 13th, 2003

Transformer FailureDespite our disaster recovery system operating correctly when a transformer next to our datacentre blew up (UPS kicked in straight away, followed by the generators and additional generators were on site whilst we waited nearly a week for a new transformer to be installed: all the time running on generator power), it seems that we’ve been “bitten on the a–” anyway.

Basically, servers hosted in our 3— datacentre area (aka “Server farm 1”) have been suffering major problems recently ever since we upgraded to the new Ensim Pro control panel. We suspect the additional load Ensim Pro caused on the server resulted in the servers hitting unexpected high usage (Ensim Pro seems to take up around 10x as much resources: but don’t quote me on that figure), so the servers have been shutting down to preserve data integrity (a bit like the way a human body faints or falls into a coma if something is wrong) and the associated downtime this causes for customers and the amount of stress we get (if you’ve ever been woken up at 2am by your mobile phone dancing off the desk as another text message comes in to tell you “Datacentre down” you’ll know what I mean).

So we’ve rushed 2 more datacentres online and started moving customers off the affected datacentre to the new ones with the intention that once the datacentre has been massively reduced in load we’ll be able to do some proper investigation on it (small snippet of information: none of our data centres are even touching 1/20th of the available bandwidth to them!).

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