News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident II

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Continued from News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident.

Well, the fire engines (2) and ambulance (1) have now left the scene of the road traffic accident that happened just over an hour ago, the police have just completed taking the details of witnesses and car owners whose vehicles were impacted (even taking their driving licence details: even though all of them were inside watching TV/eating: but their vehicles were parked on a public highway so)…

It looks like there were no serious injuries (although one or two people looked shocked: the owner of the red car that was the first one to be impacted took a while to cool down and I think I saw him just sitting on the kerb for a while), but I’m still not sure about the location of the driver of the silver car which caused damage to around 8 vehicles.

But, as per usual, I’ll update this blog once I find out more information about the crash – but for now, here’s a collection of 640×480 (roughly 28Kb) images that I took of the crash. My camera isn’t the best on the market and the lighting conditions weren’t too good either (it’s dusk), plus the “Do not cross” barrier the fire brigade put up kept me from getting “close ups” so…

Skid mark left by the car as it tried to stop.

Image of the crash scene.

Close up of the van, which was parked, involved in the road traffic accident.

Image of the crash scene after the fire engine left.

Another image of the crash scene.

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